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Q: Why is the Minnesota Vikings' mascot a viking?
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What mascot does the Minnesota Vikings have?

THOR is their mascot..he is a viking

Who is the Minnesota Vikings mascot?

A Viking

What is the name of the mascot for the Minnesota Vikings?

It used to be "Viktor the Viking" but the current mascot is Hagar.

Do the Minnesota Vikings have a mascot?

yes, they do (guy in a viking costume and another guy dressed AS a viking)

Why did Minnesota pick a Viking to be their mascot?

Swedish people came to Minnesota. Swedes used to be the Vikings.

What is the name of the Minnesota Vikings mascot?

Minnesota has 2 mascots. Viktor the Viking & Ragnar the only human mascot in the NFL.

What is the Minnesota's Football teams mascot?

The Minnesota's football team's mascot is the Viking. They are known as the Minnesota Vikings. Their team color is purple and the mascot looks like a bearded man with a hat with horns on it.

What is Minnesota viking mascot?

A viking

The vikings mascot?

Victor the Viking

Minnesota Vikings mailing address?

The Minnesota Vikings mailing address is 9520 Viking Drive, Eden Prairie MN. The Minnesota Vikings is a professional football team.

What football team has a viking name?

That would be the Minnesota Vikings.

WHEn did Brett Favre play for Minnesota viking?

He currently plays for the Minnesota Vikings. August 2009-current

What is Elizabeth City State University mascot?

A viking ... ECSU's athletic teams are known as the Vikings.

What is Elizabeth City State University's mascot?

A viking ... ECSU's athletic teams are known as the Vikings.

Where in Minnesota is the Vikings Stadium situated?

The Vikings Stadium in Minnesota is situated on Viking Drive. It is in the town of Eden Prairie. The stadium offers general seating as well as private suites.

Have they always been the Minnesota Viking?

yes they have been the vikings since the franchise started in 1961

The Vikings fan mail address?

Are you a Vikings fan?? I am!!Anyways it's: Minnesota Vikings 9520 Viking Drive Eden Prairie, MN 55344 USA

Did the Minnesota Viking Have another name?

I don't know if it is the real name but the Vikings used to be called the Purple People Eaters.

What is the Minnesota wild mascot?

The minnesota wild mascot is Nordy.

Who were the viking explorers?

the vikings were the viking explorers

What is the history of the Minnesota Vikings football team?

The Minnesota Viking played their first NFL game in 1961. Their only championship was won in 1969 but they were the NFC Champs in 1973, 1974, and 1976.

What is the mascot of the University of Minnesota?

Goldy Gopher is the mascot for the University of Minnesota. They chose this mascot because Minnesota was nicknamed "The Gopher State" in 1857!

What is WWU's mascot?

WWU's mascot is the Victor E. Viking.

What is the mascot for Santa Monica high school?

Their mascot is a viking.

What is a Viking Hoard?

A Viking horde is a group of attacking Vikings. A Viking hoard is a Viking treasure.