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Q: Why is ted novak not on wgn radio anymore?
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What are some topics being covered by WGN Radio?

WGN Radio which is located in Chicago, offers programming for Talk Radio, News, Sports, Traffic, and Weather. Popular shows in WGN include Bill Leff, Flavor HD, and Turi Ryder.

What channel is WGN?

Superstation WGN is on channel 9 in metropolitan Chicago, Illinois. WGN radio is at 720 on the AM dial. As to assignment on a cable channel, each cable distributor (that carries it) in each area can pretty much put it where they want to. A link can be found below.

Why is bob and tom not on tv anymore?

WGN wanted to start airing more stupid sitcoms instead of something that people might wanna watch

When was WGN America created?

WGN America was created in 1978.

What channel is wgn in mahwah on cablevision?

what channel is wgn in mahwah on cablevision

What are the highest rated shows on WGN?

At 20 March 2013 WGN radio's highest rated shows for the Chicago radio market are Jonathon Brandmeier's Morning Drive time (ranked #3); Gary Meier's Afternoon Drive show (ranked #5) and Turi Ryder's Evening show (ranked #3). Personal listening tastes may of course differ.

What has the author John R Weinlick written?

John Fink has written: 'WGN; a pictorial history' -- subject(s): Chicago, Chicago. Television Station WGN-TV, WGN (Radio station : Chicago, Ill.)

When was WGN-TV created?

WGN-TV was created on 1948-04-05.

What is the motto of WGN America?

The motto of WGN America is 'Chicago's Very Own'.

What channel is wgn America for optimum?

they don't have the wgn America it will come soon

What channel is wgn on optimum in New York?

What channel is wgn on optimum in new york?

What happen to Erin Carmen from the loop 97.9?

She works for WGN radio now, the Loop laid several people off a few months ago-her included.