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Because the water is warm, the waves are good, and Surfing is becoming popular around the world.

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Q: Why is surfing so popular in Australia?
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Is surfing done in Australia?

Yes, surfing is a very popular sport in Australia.

When did surfing become popular?

it became popular in Australia because of its heat them other hot country's discovered surfing but when cold countries did they didn't bother.

How is surfing in Fiji and surfing in Australia alike?

well they both have the same type of oceans so it's the same

When was Australia's Surfing Life created?

Australia's Surfing Life was created in 1985.

Are water sports popular in Australia?

Yes. Water sports in Australia are particularly popular. Australia has an ideal climate for people to enjoy being out in the water, whether swimming, boating, water-skiing, surfing, windsurfing, etc.

What is the most famous water sport in Australia?

One of the most popular water sports in Australia is surfing. Australia's coastline offers the surfer a good challenge with high waves and great weather.

What are popular forms of entertainment in Australia?

Surfing, hiking, biking, pretty much everything you can do outside in a temperate or tropic climate.

When did skateboading become so popular?

in the 60's and 70's skateboarding became popular as "surfing on concrete"

What is the most important sport to Australia?

Golf, surfing, rugby, and Aussie Rules football are all very popular. Soccer is also quite popular, but it feels like a secondary sport.

How many people surf in Australia?

in Australia with a country of 24million, over 8 million try surfing and of that 6 million do surfing as a sport. there is 2.5 million bodyboarders these figures show why AUSTRALIA AND AMERICA dominate the asp world tour and why we are the best surfing nation in the world

Which country has surfing as a icon?

Hawai, here in Australia its pretty big... an Australian icon is the beach so I'd say the answer is Australia =] hope that helps mate...

Why is surfing so good in Australia?

because were serounded by the ocean, and we have the right kind of beachess..........and australias just the best

Who brought surfing to Australia?

Conny Larsson

What is more popular sailing or surfing?

well both actually but mostly surfing for boys!

What is a popular surfing company?


Is surfing or skateboarding more popular?

I think Skateboarding is more popular.

How has surfing grown and changed in popularity?

It is popular

In which countries is surfing popular?

hawiai California

Most popular sport for Hawaii?


What are some popular sports in hawaii?


Where is surfing most popular in Brazil?


Where is surfing popular?

Surfing is popular in lots of places. Surfers usually surf coast wise meaning round the edge of Queensland and the gold coast. They say also that surfing is very popular in Hawaii and surfers paradise. I hope this helps find what your looking for..

Who cut their toe surfing in Australia from one direction?


When did surfing begin in Australia?

Aboriginal peoples adopted surfing a thousand years ago from their polynesian counterparts who brought it with them as they spread eastward.

Where did surfing start and when?

surfing started in Hawaii first and then started in Australia around the late 1930s. Then it exploded in the 60s