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Strength is an important part of dancing because the moves may look effortless but it really takes a lot of hard work. One of a dancer's main goals is to make it look easy. Dont worry though every dancer is just a human being. While you should try your hardest, nothing is ever perfect.

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Q: Why is strength important for a dancer?
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How is muscular strength used in dance?

Muscular Strength is the ability to overcome external resistance, or to counter external forces, by using muscle. This is used every time a dancer lands from a jump or leap the landing leg flexes, yet it is generating forces to hold the entire bodyweight of the dancer. Muscle strength is 40% to 50% of the most important element a dancer can have.

What is a definition for strength in dance?

Strength in dancing refers to the muscles resisting the weight of the dancer. All forms of dance require strength and can build strength over time. Dancers build strength by jumping, leaping, lifting, etc.

How tall is Teele Ude dancer?

Teele is acharming dancer. It's not important how tall or short she is. Stan

Why is focus important to a dancer?

so she kniws what she is doing

Why is strength important in dance?

Strength is important in dance is because it help you do anything with a partner the will be still right there

The three strength characteristics important for cutting tools are?

Transverse Rupture Strength, Compressive Strength, and Tensile Strength

What Aptitudes and abilities do you need to be a dancer?

Determination, consistancy, tenacity, dicipline, positive mind control, strength.

How is Karen Kain important to Canadian history?

She became a professional dancer in 1971, (balllet) becoming a famous dancer in Canada. She became a professional dancer in 1971, (balllet) becoming a famous dancer in Canada.

Is strength building important to bodybuilding?

Yes, strength building is very important to bodybuilding. Strength goes along with building muscle. The more muscle you build, the more strength you will have and the bigger your muscles can get.

Why in football its important to have a agility?

because it is important for footballers to have the strength

Are you ready for pointe shoes?

This depends on a variety of factors. First, the strength of the dancer. Second, the skill/position of the dancer. Third, your teacher's opinion. Remember: never go on pointe unless supervised by a your teacher.

Why is strength important?

because if you do not have it you are a wimp, #$*@! =3)

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