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Becuase the players of the Blues players actually originate form NSW, likewise with the opposing team

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Q: Why is state of origin called state of origin?
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What is it called when a returned prisoner returned to their state of origin?

Returning a prisoner from one state to their state of origin is called interstate extradition. It is also referred to as interstate rendition.

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What is Hawaii's state name origin?

Captain Cook called them the Sandwich Islands.

What is New South Wales state of origin rugby league team called?

The Blues

What is it called when a returned prisoner returns to their state of origin?

'interstate rendition" or, more commonly, "extradition"

What is an origin of an earthquake called?

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state of origin

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Queensland won the 2010 state of origin 3-0

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What theory on the origin of the state called for a ruler that had been selected by god as a ruler of the land?

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The origin of the state of New York's name comes from the English Duke of York. The region was originally called New Amsterdam and renamed New York in 1664.

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a state

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State Of Origin can be viewed on channel 3 which is techinically channel NINE.

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What is Hawaii's origin of the state name?

"Hawaii" may come from the traditional home of the Polynesians, Hawaii or Hawaiki, sometimes called "Owhyhee.

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The origin refers to the muscle attachment that is more stable. The tendon that attaches the muscle to its origin can be called the origin tendon,

What is the origin and country of origin in Sacramento?

Sacramento is in the United States, specifically in the state of California.

What is the origin of the People of Jukun in Benue state Nigeria?

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