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Many, many, MANY people in this world love the heck out of sports. Just like Presidents' Day is to honor presidents, sports' day is to honor sports :)

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Q: Why is sports day so important?
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Can You give me a slogan for sports day?

sports day a yah so nice

WHY practice is important in sports?

Practice is important in sports because if you do not practise you will not be so good sports compitition etc.

What the important to be involved in sports?

so you can keep fit, its not all about being afletic you need to be healthy so you dont have a heart attack or stroke you should be taking up up to 1 hour of sports a day.

Write a invitation letter to ask someone to visit are sports day?

When writing an invitation to someone for a sports day visit, it is important to include the time and day of the event. It is also important to include where the event will be held.

Why are sports so important in your world today?

Sports are important because you can stay healthy and stay in shape. :)

Why is sports so important in America?

sports can raise people's spirit.

Which is more important school or sports?

sports and school both are important if u are well educated and have the knowledge about sports than u can lead ur study and sports at a same time so both are important

When does the sports day started?

The Sports Day can start whenever one so chooses. A game can begin at any hour of day or night!

Why were sports so important to Romans?

the romans sports were important because of the entertainment value it held towards the senates and citizens aruond the city.

Why is striking important in sports?

so you either get in or out :)

Importance of sports news?

it is important to be the sports so that it can informed, entertained, and give inspiration to the people who love sports to practice more so that their talent will be useless.......

How do you make project on sports day in school?

By giving some knowledge about sports and telling who introduced this sports day. By making file cover like ball badminton and so on...

Why tutorials are important for sports?

The reason there are tutorials in sports before you play is so you understand how to play

Why are sports important in your community?

Sports in our community are important because sports help you stay strong and fit.Also it is important because there are alot of fat people in the world which it is not healthy to be fat .So we all want to stay fit and healthy!

Why is the commonwealth games important?

It is important so people can see how good they really are at sports

How does education affect participation in sports?

many of the parents think that education is more important than sports so if a child wants to participate in sports than the parents think that they will miss their studies so they don't allow them to participate in sports, so for this reason education affect participation in sports.

Why is repect important for a sports leader?

so he or she can set an example

Why is sports important in your daily life?

so you don't die

Why where sports so important to the ancient Greece?

losers were killed

Importance of sports in students life?

Sports are important in a student's life because they can teach the student how to concentrate, which is important in academic subjects. They can also motivate students to get higher grades so they can continue to participate in sports.

Why do you think sports is important for a learner?

so they can learn and experience new sports and become stronger by the time they get older

What is National Sports day in Lesotho?

Nation sports day is the day of sports nationally speaking.

Why is it important for children to play sports?

so they can poop....according to my doctor

Why is keep the body in balance important?

so you can keep healthy and do sports

Why are sports in school important?

so the fat kids get put in their place