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What is another name for non-traditional sports

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Q: Why is sport so important in today society?
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Why is iphone so important in today's society?

how is the iphone so relevant to society today

Was lacosse a guy sport?

Yes lacrosse was a guy sport but now today in our society girls play it not so much guys. But lacrosse was a mans sport

How did figure skating become the sport it is today?

it became a sport today because of its so brilliant and you need to be athletic

How multimedia plays an important role in today society?

this question can ask your teacher, mother, father, grandmother and so on.

What is the oldest sport in Europe?

Golf is the oldest sport in Europe, so old that the first golf balls were made out of cloth, before our society had the technology to maufacture them out of wood, which then progressed to today's metal cord exterior dimple design.

Importance of youth in the society?

I think youth is the major part of society............. society is incomplete without youth............ The thinking of the today's youth is very high........... youth play a major role in society............. so youth is very important for the society.

Why were tho gods on ancient egyptians so important to their society?

For exactly the same reasons that people who hold religious beliefs today think their god is important

What sports did Beethoven play?

There is no evidence to suggest that Beethoven played any sports, although sport wasn't such a big part of society then as it is today, so it's hardly surprising.

Why sport is so important?

Because sport keeps us active.

Why do you think having the ChildLine business is important in today's society?

Having the ChildLine business is important in today's society because it give kids a chance to talk someone in an anonymous way. Sometimes kids are scared to talk to their parents or teachers so this gives them another alternative to seek help and advice.

Why is technology important to your society?

everything we do today evolves around technology so you either keep up with it or be like older people where they cannot relate to todays society

Why is Technology so important for students to learn in today's society?

Because the advantages that the Internet and other technology provide are really important today, and will only become more important in the decades to come. If you don't take advantage of the available technology, it makes it harder to do well in your study

Why virginity so important in society?

it is not important.

What is important of study psychology of sport?

The rules and regulations of every sport, so you know the ins and out.

Why are components of fitness so important in gymnastics?

which fitness components is important in the sport of gymnastics

Why are sport shoes important?

so u don't trip

Why is it important to train for sport?

so you know how to play it and BE GOOD AT IT!

Why is Jamie foxx important?

He is a menus to society so he isn't important.

Why are animals so important in prehistoric society?

Animals were very important in prehistoric society. This is because they were a source of food, clothing, and labor.

How are skeletal muscle properties important to sport?

so they help you be stronger

Why is soccer important in Mexico?

Soccer is so important in Mexico because it is the sport most played in that country.

Importance of anthropology?

Anthropology is the study of human beings. It focuses on ancestors, society, cultures and environment and is important today so people will have a deeper understanding of these things and how they change over time.

Why is this document so important today?


Why is Nylon so important today?

nylo is so important because without it we would be lost

Why is the Eiffel tower so important today?

Because today it is a very tall building and people love to see the view so they made it so important so people could see the view.