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you need speed in triple jump to gain momentum to propel your forward in the jump. without it your jump will not be that far

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Speed helps in the over all difficulty in the sport. Some sports you don't require speed like Bowling, Video Games, etc.

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More momentum into the jump

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Q: Why is speed important for high jump?
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Why is speed important in long jump?

it is important because it helps with your flight when jumping in the sand.

How high can a crocodile jump out of the water?

5 meters at the speed of 160kph

How does sonic jump so high?

sonic legs can move at the speed of sound which means they are very powerful so he can jump very high with ease

What fitness requirements is needed for athletics in high jump?

leg muscles and speed

How do you calculate turbulent air penetration speed?

1st you have to eat apple and then jump high as you can.

What are skills needed in high jump?

These skills are needed in high jump Flexibility Speed Power Aerial Awareness

On Kirby air ride how do you jump 1000 feet in high jump if you don't have the dragoon?

Collect lots of the Glide and Top Speed patch in City Trial and make sure to go on Jet Star before starting the High Jump minigame.

Can you safely go over a bike jump on a dirt trail?

Depends on you, your bike, your speed and the size of the jump. Weak bike + heavy rider + big jump + high speed will add risk to it while strong bike + light rider + small jump + low speed will make it fairly safe. You will probably be somewhere in between these extremes so there's no way of telling how "safe" you will be.

Name an olympic event in which speed is not important?

Gymnastic, Volleyball, Diving, Shot Put, Archery, Long Jump

Can a rott weiler jump high?

no it can not jump high

High school high jump?

what is the high at on a high school high jump? boys Girls

Does jump roping improve speed?

It will increase the speed at which you can jump rope. It won't effect the maximum speed of your mini-van however.