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Q: Why is solder good for joining metals?
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Tin and lead mixed together makes what?

solder--its an alloy used 4 joining metals

What element is used to make a mixture solder used in joining wires?

usually a mixture of tin and lead metals are used

How do you solder two metals?

with solder

How do you spell soildier?

The spelling soldier is a military individual, usually in the army.The spelling solder is a metal used in joining other metals, or electrical circuits.

What has the author Orville T Barnett written?

Orville T. Barnett has written: 'Filler metals for joining' -- subject(s): Brazing, Solder and soldering, Welding

How do you spell sauder?

The word pronounced sauder is solder (a metal joining material, or to join with solder).

What is a solder reel?

A reel of solder used for joining electrical circuits together on circuit boards. Solder is made of a mixture of tin and lead and sometimes has has flux (a form of acid) in the core of the solder to ensure a clean surface for the solder to flow into.

What is solder used for?

Soldering is a way of joining one component to another component. Components on a printed circuit board are held in place with solder. Solder being a conductive compound lends itself very nicely in the electrical and electronic industries.

What 2 alloys are in solder?

Standard solder is an alloy of the two metals tin & lead. However there are countless other alloy variants with other metals in the blend for various purposes.

Special property of solder?

Solder has a relatively low melting point, and it wets many different metals allowing it to be used to join (solder) them together. It is also fairly resistant to corrosion when the correct solder alloy is applied to the work. We see a lot of solder used in electrical and electrical applications, so it's a fairly good electrical conductor.

Is lead and tin good conductor?


What are the physical and chemical properties of solder?

Solder is a mixture of various metals. Its physical property is that it melts at fairly low temperatures, not so low that it melts when this is undesired. Its reactions are the same as the component metals.