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Yes soccer is important in Spain, as it is always a pass time for the whole family.

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Q: Why is soccer important to Spain?
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In what country is soccer most important?

Soccer is most important in Italy and Spain.

What are some of Spain's important people?

A soccer player from spain named fernando torres

Why is David Villa important?

plays soccer for team Spain

Why is soccer so important to Spain?

Because is as important as baseball and basketball for Americans. There is only one main sport in most of Europe: Soccer.

What are the most important soccer teams in Spain?

Real Madrid & FC Barcalona

How is soccer important to society?

soccer brings countries together like brazil, mexico, spain, and other major "football" hotspots

Is bullfighting still important in Spain?

Yes not all of the Spanish are fans, but it is tolerated by most. Bullfighting is part of the national heritage, but the most important passion in Spain is soccer

What is Spain's international sport?

The most popular sport in Spain is soccer. Spain compeats internationally in both soccer and sailing.

Does Spain have a soccer team?

Yes it does have a soccer team

What is soccer called in Spain?

Soccer in Spain, Mexico and other Spanish countries is called futbol.

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What is popular in Spain?


Is Spain the motherland of soccer?


Is Barcelona a soccer team?

Yes, they are a soccer team in spain

Is Spain better than Brazil at soccer?

spain won the soccer world cup 2010 and it is winning several games so, spain

What is the national sport of Spain?

spain's national spaort is soccer

Spain's favorite sports?

The favorite sport in Spain is soccer.

What sports have Spain won?

Spain has won tennis and soccer.

National game of Spain?

The national game of Spain is soccer.

Who is Spain's soccer rival?


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But where did the spanish play soccer?


National sports of Spain?


When do they do soccer in Spain?

Day or night.

What is Spain favorite sport?