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Yes soccer is important in Brazil, their most popular sport.

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Q: Why is soccer important to Brazil?
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How is soccer important to society?

soccer brings countries together like brazil, mexico, spain, and other major "football" hotspots

Where can one play soccer in Brazil?

There are many places where one can play the sport of soccer in Brazil. One can play the sport of soccer in Brazil at popular places such as the Brazilian Soccer Center.

Who are the most famous people in Brazil?

the soccer players because Brazil is all about soccer!

How do you say soccer in Brazil?

In portuguese (language spoken in Brazil) "soccer" is called: Futebol

What is the soccer mascot for Brazil?

there is no mascot for brazil

How popular is soccer in Brazil?

Soccer is the most popular game in Brazil. The percentage could well be 80%.

What does Brazil soccer team represent?

Brazil's soccer team represents the nation in international tournaments. It is a huge sport in Brazil, so the team is a major part of Brazil's national pride.

Who is better Brazil or Italy in soccer?

Brazil by far.

What is the history of soccer in Brazil?

Pele played in the seventies. That's huge on Brazil Soccer History (BSH)

What sport is Brazil famous for?

Soccer, Brazil's football team.

Who is better in soccer Brazil or Bolivia?

It is Brazil any day.

What activities do kids in Brazil do after school?

Kids in Brazil do soccer.

Is there a sport from Brazil?

Soccer is the most popular sport from Brazil.

What do they call soccer players in Brazil?

Since people speak Portuguese in Brazil, they call soccer players "jogadores de futebol", which literally means "players of football/soccer".

Is soccer a more important sport than baseball?

Well, it depends. Soccer is very important in Latin America and Spain and Brazil. In the United States it really depends. Do you like Baseball more, or do you like Soccer more. Basically, which ever sport you like better, will be more important. But that doesn't mean that it's more important to people of other Nationalities. Every country has one sport that is very important to them. It could be soccer, American football, cricket, anything really. So. I'd say, no. Both soccer and Baseball are equally important.

What sports do they have in Brazil?


What are Brazil's traditions?


How many soccer players are there in Brazil?

there are 22 players in Brazil's team

What soccer players were born in Brazil?

lots all the Brazil players :)

What kind of sports do Brazil play?

Brazil is known for playing soccer.

Which country is the best in the world at soccer?

The best soccer team is Brazil.

What are the similarities between south and north Brazil?

Both places speak portuguese (but with a lot of differences regarding accents), the most important sport is soccer (in Brazil is called 'Futebol').

Why Brazil call soccer football?

Brazil call it futebol, portuguese translation of football, referring to association football known in the states as soccer

Is soccer the main played port in Brazil?

Yes soccer is indeed the main sport of Brazil along with BBJ, Rugby,Tennis, and basketball.

What is the main sport is in Brazil?

Brazil SoccerBrazil Soccer TeamFamous players BrazilBrazil FootballBrazil PlayersBrazil BasketballFor the most part the answer is Soccer!