Why is snowboarding popular?

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It is so popular because a lot of people snowboard. Also there are a lot of people in the Olympic games that are snowboarders. People also like Snowboarding because they make you feel "cool."

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Q: Why is snowboarding popular?
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Where is snowboarding popular?

snowboarding is popular in many places, most popular would be, colorado, or canada.

How popular is skiing?

pretty popular. same thing with snowboarding.

How popular is snowboarding?

I think snowboarding is very popular because every snowboarding season the audience are increasing amazingly. There are also people who are easily engaged in snowboarding because of its popularity and the snowboard packages; you can find it here.

Where is snowboarding most popular today?


What is the most popular sport in Idaho?


Where are some locations to go Extreme snowboarding?

One of the more popular locations to go extreme snowboarding is Copper Mountain, Colorado, which also offers snowboarding competitions during certain times of the year. Another popular place that is known for extreme snowboarding is Whistler Blackcomb, Canada.

When snowboarding became popular?

Snowboarding became popular when jake burton came out with the fiberglass board. then they got steel edges and bindings with high backs came into play.

When did snowboarding become popular?

Saving the AtlanticThe year that is identified as when snowboarding became popular was 1985 when more people started practicing it. An international magazine for snowboarding, which later became International Snowboarding Magazine, also helped it spread.Well, in many ways. Like a famous snowboarder might come out, and everybody will want to follow them

How did snowboarding become popular?

dimitrije started making snowboards i 1977

What is Switzerland popular for?

chocolate watches skiig snowboarding and mountain climbing

Why is Canada popular for snowboarding?

they have alot of mountains that make great resorts

What is holland's most popular winter sport?

they have many popular winter sports...the most popular one is skiing and snowboarding

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