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Slate is an excellent material for pool and billiard tables because it can be turned into perfectly smooth surfaces.

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Q: Why is slate an excellent material for pool and billiard tables?
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Billiard slate HS Code?

Based on your product description, the HS code for slate for billiard tables is 6803.00.This classification was performed by

Does the Woodcliff Billiard II have a slate?

The Woodcliff series of pool tables are Sears Sportcraft models that do not have slate.

How do you fill in seams on slate pool tables?

Most billiard mechanics use beewax or a water putter.

Felt like material used for covering card and billiard tables?

BAIZE Baize is most often used on snooker and billiards tables to cover the slate and cushions, and is often used on other kinds of gaming tables such as those for blackjack, baccarat, crapsand other casino games

What slate is used for?

Slate is used on pool tables. It is the solid material that the balls roll on. Slate is also used on chalk boards.

What is a billiard table made out of?

The playing surface is slate.

What is the stone that would be found on a billiard table?


Could you ever replace a wooden bed pool table with a slate bed?

most billiard tables are slate covered with felt, a wooden one is rare and unlikely- reexamine it. i doubt it would be cost effective to change.

Is slate board better than regular slate for pool tables?

No. The best slate for a pool table is recognized as fine milled Italian slate. Any material other than slate may not meet regulations for deflection and surface quality. The finest tables generally use 1 1/2 inch Italian slate.

Does my sears home billiard table model 440.251170 have a slate bed?

The number is not helpful to determine how it was made except at Sears. If you cannot tell by examining it from the bottom, the price alone will give you an idea. Sears does not sell any slate pool tables at $1000 or less. If the table cost $1400 or more, it is almost certainly slate. If it is between those prices, it could be slate or a composite.

What can slate be used for?

In the past, Slate has been used for loads of things, including roofs, fireplaces, sinks, walkways, and even the tops of tables have been made from slate!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------All the above but it is most commonly used as a roofing material. It can also be used for snooker tables, blackboards, wall tiles and as chippings for a garden mulch.Natural slate is also a new and great medium for printing pop art! The naturally uneven surface of this material, makes it great for pop art purposes.

What is the recommended brand for billiard tables?

This is a subjective answer - the important thing is to get a quality table and get it set up by a qualified professional. Any table sold with 1.5 inch slate you can be certain is a well manufactured table. However, the much more common 1 inch slate tables you generally are getting what you pay for. Although Brunswick is the biggest name in pool tables, you can get a high end table from another that costs less and is just as good as the Brunswick.

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