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Q: Why is skiing into a wall of deep powder less hazardous to your health then skiing into a wall of bricks?
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What are some hints for skiing in powder snow?

Click on the 'Powder Skiing' link below for some tips.

Are there any videos for producing skiing powder?

There are many videos highlighting the production of skiing powder. One can find them on Youtube for example. In particular, these videos provide a step by step guide to production.

What type of snow is best for skiing?

Well the best snow for skiing is powder, most of the time, if you're just skiing for fun, and not racing. Powder snow is snow that has not been touched, is soft and deep, most of the time freshly laid that day or night. Powder snow is really great to ski on, as it gives a sense of weightlessness about your skiing. I you've heard of back country or heliskiing, this is what these groups are going to find, people pay a lot of money for it.

What does the term bluebird day mean in skiing lingo?

It means a sunny blue sky day with fresh powder snow... perfect skiing conditions.

What is special about the powder skis?

Powder skis are skis that are developed specially for skiing in powder. This type of ski is particularly suited for experienced skiers who are likely to go off-piste.

What are the health benefits of skiing?

the healthy benefits of skiing arethat the moving side to side allows the blood to move through your body more easily

What makes for the best powder skiing?

The best powder skiing conditions typically occur after a fresh snowfall with light, dry snow. Skiing on untracked powder provides a smooth and exhilarating experience, while slopes with consistent pitch and minimal obstacles enhance the enjoyment. Ideal weather conditions with cold temperatures help maintain the snow quality and prevent it from becoming heavy or packed down.

How many skis does the average person use when skiing?

Two. If a person practiced several disciplines of skiing he might have several pairs of skis - maybe all-mountain, powder and telemark skis - but when you are on the mountain you'll take one pair of skis with you.

Three major sites in Utah that bring visitors onto that state?

* Skiing at Brighton Alta and Powder Mountain. * Zion and Bryce Canyon. * Temple Square.

Can you ski with powder skis in New England?

Yes, you could ski with water skis in new england if you wanted to. You ccan ski with any type of ski anywhere. but the skiing in NE is bad, there is no powder so you will be better of with a carving ski.

Where can a person get tips on skiing in powder?

plastic bag on a ski, use a knife to add or remove your junk

Is freestyle skiing the same as aerial skiing?

aerial skiing is one form of freestyle skiing. Moguls and aerials make up freestyle skiing