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I think because every time they scored 3 times people threw hats on to the feild.

Answerthe term came from the English game of cricket and cites The Oxford English Dictionary, which explains: "The feat of a bowler who takes three wickets by three successive balls: originally considered to entitle him to be presented by his club with a new hat or some equivalent."
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its when a player scores three goals in a game

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Q: Why is scoring 3 goals called a hat trick?
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Who has scored the most goals in the premier league without scoring a hat trick?


What do you call scoring four goals a hat trick being three?

Masaccre Masaccre

Why is scoring 2 goals called a brace?

"A brace" is a general term used for two of anything in the English language, including goals.

What is a hat trick scored in one period of a hockey game called?

There is no different name for a hat trick if it is scored in a single period. However, if during the course of a game one player scores 3 goals in a row without any other players scoring a goal during that span it is called a "natural hat trick."

What do they do with the hatrick hats?

Hat-trick hats haven't been given out for many a year; a hat-trick occurs when someone scores 3 goals in a match. In some countries, a "pure" hat-trick is only recognised when 3 goals are scored one after the other with no-one else scoring in-between.

What is it called when you score 5 goals in a soccer match?

Officially, 3 goals by a single player in one game is called a hat trick. 6 goals by a single player can be considered a double hat trick, though it is a feat that is rarely accomplished in professional ice hockey.

What is it called if a player scores 3 goals in a game?

A hockey player getting 3 assists in one game is said to have gotten a 'Playmaker'. Some people call it that, some people don't. I, personally, have played and watched hockey my entire life (I could skate before I could walk) and I have always known 3 assists by the same player in one game is known as a "Playmaker".

What is it called when a hockey player scores 4 goals in one game?

A really good night! A hat trick is three goals.

What is iT called when you make 3 goals in a row in ice hocky?

it is called a hat trick