Why is puck in trouble with oberon?

Updated: 11/19/2022
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Q: Why is puck in trouble with oberon?
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What news does oberon tell puck?

Puck tells Oberon that the Queen is in love with Bottom. Oberon has asked Puck to do this so that he could get even with his wife for not giving him her slave child. He has a laugh at her expense by watching his wife swoon over a man with a donkey head.

Who is the disdainful youth that oberon sends Puck to beguile?


Why does Puck anoint Lysander's eyes?

Oberon told him to. Oberon wanted Puck to anoint Demetrius, but Puck made a mistake and juiced Lysander instead. As he says, "Believe me, King of Shadows, I mistook. Did you not tell me I should know the man by the Athenian garments he had on?"

What is the relationship between Oberon and Titania to Pick and Moth?

Oberon and Titania are the King and Queen of the Fairies. Puck and Moth are among their servants.

How are puck and oberon going to correct puck's earlier mistake?

There's another flower which is an antidote to the love-in-idleness flower, and Puck is instructed to use it on Lysander to correct Puck's mistake.

What did Oberon realize when he sees Demetrius following Hermia?

Oberon realizes that Puck has put the love potion in Lysander's eyes instead of Demetrius

How does Puck anoint Lysander's eyes?

Oberon told Puck to pour some of the juice on the eyes of Demetrius, that he might love Helena. Puck put it in the eyes of Lysander by mistake. Oberon said to find a guy with Athenian clothing and didn't know there were two of them in the forest so Puck seen Lysander (who wears Athenian clothing) and put it in his eyes.

Who is the king of shadows in a midsummers nights dream?

The king of shadows in A Midsummer Night's Dream is Puck, also known as Robin Goodfellow. Puck is a mischievous fairy who serves the fairy king Oberon and is known for his pranks and love of causing chaos.

What do Robin and Oberon do to delay the duel between Lysander and Demetrius?

Oberon instructs Puck to create a fog so the young men will not be able to see each other. Then Puck (who is also called Robin Goodfellow) is to imitate the voices of Lysander and Demetrius to lure them away from each other. We see that Puck is successful and the duel is avoided.

Why did puck make the mistake of putting the potion on lysander?

Oberon only described Demetrius as "an Athenian youth". Lysander is also one of those. Also, Oberon told Puck that Demetrius was treating a certain young lady with disdain, and there was Lysander, sleeping apart from Hermia instead of cuddled up as they should have been if they were really lovers. Puck is really annoyed when he gets blamed for the mistake; he tells Oberon "Did you not tell me that I should know the man by the Athenian garments he had on?"

Who is Oberon in the sisters Grimm book 4?

oberon is the father of puck. he's also king of the fearie, and he was also a character in William shakespear's play 'a midsummer's night dream'

In A Midsummer Night's Dream what is the relationship between Oberon and Puck?

Acouple things like, Puck totally hates Oberon. And Titania really does love Oberon. Apperently Puck was engaged to a fairy named Moth who is potenially evil. (she tried to kill sabrina) won't spoil anymore