Why is pie so disgusting?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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it has way to many carbs! -the obsessed cheerleader

noooo... pie is amazing..dont be dissin my pie -the obsessed akash

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Q: Why is pie so disgusting?
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Who here likes pie with whipped cream with chicken?

no one because that is terribly disgusting.

Is pistachio pudding pie good?


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because I do disgusting things and act disgusting, I am a human being which is mostly a disgusting species.

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Can pie be disgusting?

NOOOOO!!!!! unless u put brussel sprouts, broccoli, green beans or any other vegatable in it. Yuck.

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No its not!!

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because you think it is

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Dangerous Pie is a mixture of coffee ground, raw eggs, (their smashed shells included) Coke, uncooked bacon and three matchbox racing cars. :O disgusting!!

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Does pie rock?

i do really like pie but i keep wondering WHY pie is so popular?? but btw i <3 pie!