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Q: Why is passing important in basketball?
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What is an important aspect for basketball?

fundamentals are important aspects of basketball. the 58 basic fundamentals are: shooting, dribbling, rebounding, defense, and passing. master these and you will be on your way to being a great player.

What is passing - in basketball?

Passing is when you give the ball to another player, usually by tossing it to them.

What are the major in basketball?

The major things in basketball are: Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, Fitness, Footwork, TEAMWORK. :)

How to become a basketball player?

You have to practice on your dribbleing,passing,and shooting.

Definition of basketball skills?

The definition of basketball skills is different things a basketball can do. Some skills a basketball player does is dribbling, throwing, passing, jumping, shooting and running.

What are the Skills in basketball?

Dribbling Shooting Defence stealing blocking passing

How to become a better basketball player?

You have to practice on your dribbleing,passing,and shooting.

What do you mean by the word passing in basketball?

It means that it was intercepted like in football.

Why is passing a team effort in basketball?

It makes the ofensive team more accurate

What are basketball drills for?

Basketball drills help enhance your basketball skills. From anywhere such as dribbling, passing, shooting, defense, play-making, etc. These drills will help you on the court when you play any basketball related game.

What is longest game of hitting the ball back and forth?

Passing in soccer or basketball...I think

What does Passing in basketball?

When you pass the ball to a team mate. Teamwork is key when scoring points.