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Ten events make up the decathlon.

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Q: Why is one Olympic game called a decathlon?
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How many gold medals are in the Olympic Decathlon?

There is only one gold medal award in each Olympic Decathlon to the decathlon winner. There has been 25 gold medals awarded in the 24 Olympic Games that included the Decathlon competition. The reason why there is one more gold medal awarded than actual events competitions is because in 1912 there were co-gold medalists.

Why are the Olympic games called decathlon?

They aren't. The decathlon in only one competition in the Olympics. Each decathlon contestant participates in ten track and field events: the 100-meter, 400-meter, and 1,500-meter runs; the 110-meter high hurdles; the discus and javelin throws; the shot put; the pole vault; the high jump; and the long jump.

Who has won all ten events in the decathlon?

No one on a national or international level has won all ten events in one given decathlon.

Who lit the torch in la Olympics?

Rafer Johnson, a decathlon olympic champion (1960) lit the olympic torch. Sixteen years earlier he was one of the men who assisted in taking down Sirhan Sirhan, RFK's assassin, seconds after the assassination took place.

Why is soccer in the Olympic Games?

Because is one of the most popular game in the World.

What does the olympic logo stands for?

it stand for the fact that any one can be an olympic winner they or we dont care what you look like it al depends on how you play the game!

When does a decathlon happen?

When one is arranged as part of a games event or competition.

What did the used to do if you cheated in an Olympic game?

Pull down your pants infront of every one

How many times have Great Britain won a Decathlon in the Olympics?

Tom Kiely won in 1904, Daley Thompson won in 1980 and again in 1984. So the answer is two, but three times. Thompson is one of two people (American Bob Mathias the other) who have repeated as Olympic Decathlon Champion. Here is another asterisk to add. In 1980 many countries boycotted the Olympics in Moscow, then in the Soviet Union. Great Britain attended but competed under the Olympic flag in support of the political issues for the boycott.

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There is already a Warriors game, one called Warriors Hunting game, the other one called Warriors Adventure game, and one on paper, which you can find on the backs of special Warriors books.

What is a one on one volleyball game called?

one on one

How are the heptathlon 'N' decathlon events similar?

The heptathlon and the decathlon are variations of the same event, combined-events. In outdoor track and field, women do the heptathlon, consisting of seven events, and men do the decathlon, consisting of ten events. Both of the events have events in them that are power and speed related with one that is more endurance related.

Where can one purchase the video game called Tales of Symphonia?

One can purchase the video game called Tales of Symphonia at a website called Amazon. You can also find this game at stores such as GameStop and their official website.

American gymnasts to win five medals in one Olympic game?

Mary Lou Retton and Nastia Liukin.

What is the game called that the frog shoots out the colorfull balls?

the game is called zuma. its a rely nice one

In what summer Olympics did the US lose its first basketball game?

After 36 years of undefeated dominance, Team USA lost its first Olympic basketball game at the 1972 Munich gold medal game to the USSR. The last minute of the contest was and remains one of the most controversial finishes in Olympic history.

How do you play the card game og?

There is not a card game called og. There is one called OG Planet Game Card that is available to play.

Is Australia represented by one of the five Olympic rings?

Yes, the five interlocking rings represent the five continents (North America and South America are consider one continent called the Americas) that participate in the Olympic Games.

What is it called when a player scores 5 goals in one game?

Nothing but it's one heck of a game.

Which ancient country invented the olympic game back in 776 bce?

Greece Established The First Olympic Games In 776 B.C. In Honor Of One Of Their Gods, Zeus. The First Olympic Games Were Held In Olympia, Greece, Not Mount Olympus (As Some People Are Saying....)

What is a decathlon in track and field?

A decathlon would be considered a subsidiary discipline in Track and Field; in that it is comprised of ten events derived from Track and Field to be competed over a two day period. Performances in each event tally points for it's participant based on their results. These points total toward the overall decathlon performance to determine ranking at the end of the decathlon.A decathlon is negotiated by one individual competitor entitled a 'decathlete'.Ensue - 'team decathlons'; where the rules can range anywhere from how many team members can compete in any given event, whether any team member can compete in numerous events, and how many team members points are tallied in each event.The properly noun-ed term "The Decathlon" is primarily reserved in the highest tier of competition capable for the event. These 'meets' of the worlds competitors are typically arranged by the International Associations of Athletics Federation, the IAAF, for the World Championships and the Olympic Committee for the Olympics.

Which british athlete won the decathlon twice?

The one and only Daley Thompson from Haringey in North London

Who starts the olympic games in Greece?

First Olympic game was recorded in 776 BC; that was about 3,000 years ago. At that time this great festival took place to honor the Greek gods. Olympics were held during the great festival. My resources say Olympics were held to please the various gods. One God, in particular, the most important was called Zeus. The Olympics were called Olympiad in Greece.

Who one the most medal at 2008 the Beijing olympic game?

Michael Phelps from USA - Olympics 2008 Swimmer with 8 golds

Is mukmuk one of the Olympic mascots?

no, because mukmuk is a olympic sidekick!

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