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It is not an olympic sport

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Q: Why is netball not been played on 2008 in the lympics?
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Was netball played in the Olympics?

No.The International Olympic Committee added netball to it's list of sports that can be added to the competition in the 1990s. Through the 2008 Games, netball has never been competed in the Olympics.Netball has been a Commonwealth Games sport since 1998.

What are the major developments of netball?

There have been several changes in netball, including the rules and where the game was played.

How many years has netball been played?


When did basketball become netball?

It didn't. Basketball has always been basketball, netball has always been netball. Netball developed from basketball in the 1890s.

Is netball in the 2012 Olympic games?

No. Although Netball is an Olympic-recognized competition, there are no plans yet for it to be included in an Olympiad. It has been played in the Commonwealth Games.

How long has the Australian netball team been called the diamonds?

For 4 years. In 2008 the team adopted the nickname "Diamonds."

Has netball been on the 2012 Olympics?

No, London Oympics didnot host Netball.

In netball has the GS always been allowed out of the shooting circle?

yes it is and has allways been allowed outside the netball circle

How long has netball been around?

Netball has been in around in some form since the 1890s. It became an organized Olympic sport in 1996.

What qualifications do you need to be netball timekeeper?

in professional netball, you have to have been a non-professional for a significant amount of time

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When did Natalie Von Bertouch start playing netball for Adelaide thunderbirds?

Natalie VonBertouch has been playing Netball since she was 9 Years OldNatalie VonBertouch has been playing Netball since she was 9 Years Old

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