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first check your coolant level. then check to see if you have a leak, then check to see if you cooling fans are coming on then check if your thermostat is working.

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Q: Why is my Pontiac 1994 trans sport over heating?
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Where is the computer on a 1994 Pontiac trans sport?

under the floor mat on the passenger side

Why does a 1994 Pontiac trans sport not go into reverse?

If an automatic transmission ,broken bands in the tranny.

Where is the coolant drain plug on a 1994 Pontiac Trans sport?

On the lower driver side of the radiator!

How much is it worth it for a 1994 Pontiac trans am?


Does a 1994 Pontiac Firebird have a speed regulator?

My 1994 Trans Am does, it will go up to 110. I found out that the top speed of a 1994 Firebird or Trans Am is 156 mph.

How do you change a heating core in a 1994 Pontiac sunfire?

Well, Pontiac didnt make a sunfire in 1994 is it a 95 sunfire or 94 sunbird?

What is the curb weight of 1994 Pontiac transport with a 3.1L V6 engine?

The curb weight of the 1994 Pontiac Trans Sport SE passenger minivan with the 3.1L V6 engine and 3-speed automatic transmission is 3,540 pounds. This vehicle has a 109.8-inch wheel base.

My 1994 Pontiac Trans Am randomly stalls out while driving?

If your 1994 Pontiac Trans Am randomly stalls out while driving, you may have clogged fuel injectors or a bad distributor. Check the distributor first, as this is the easiest to replace.

Where is vehicle speed sensor pick up located in 1994 Pontiac Transport?

Where is the vehicle speed sensor pick up located in a 1994 Pontiac Trans Port?

What are the timing chain settings for a 1994 Pontiac Trans Sport 2.3L V6 European?

no idea what are, but the 2.3L European engine is a four not a v6AnswerI think the person meant � 2.3 16V engine.

Will a 1998 through 2002 Pontiac firebird honeycomb taillights fit on a 1994 firebird trans am?


Where is the intake air temperature sensor on a 1994 Pontiac trans am?

It is in the rubber snoot that comes off the TB

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