Why is my Big toe nail curling?

Updated: 12/2/2022
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Q: Why is my Big toe nail curling?
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Why do you recyle metals?

suck my big left toe and suck your mums toe nail

Why do you have horizontal whilte lines on your big toe?

Small injuries to the base of the nail cause air in the nail.

Your budgie lost his toe nail and the remains of his toe nail is black will his toe nail grow back?

def not

If you have this yellow thing on your big toe what is it?

maybe fungus if its on your nail. If its like on the skin on the bottom of the toe its just either dead skin or a callus.

What should you do if you jammed your toe a while ago but didn't do anything about it and you think the nail got pushed into the skin of the big toe?

See a doctor.

Do your own toe nail grow their own toe nail?

I don't think so

What is a toe thumb?

a toe thumb isa thumb that looks like your big toe.. i have one, but some people have two. the are short and wide and the nail is a different shape to the opposing thumb.

What would cause your big toe to tingle when you touch the tip of your nail?

It's known as touch nail tingles, commonly referred to as the tinglification process

What are fingernail and toe nails called?

its called a finger nail bottom is called toe nail :)

What should you do if your nail almost comes off on your big toe but not all the way do to injury?

Allow it to fall off on its own.

Black line on toe nail?

A black line on a toe nail may be a bruise under the nail. See a doctor if this does not clear up on its own in a few weeks.

Should you pull your toe nail off as the whole nail is coming away due to running?

That's disgusting! Don't pull off your toe nail, use a nail cutter. This could affect the shape of your toe nail as well as ruin the skin underneath and surrounding the nail. This could also cause a small blood clot underneath the remaining nail.