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== == It is important since you have to show reactions it makes the show more interests.

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Q: Why is movement important to drama?
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Why is concentration important in drama?

face and movement and how much you understand and to do good.

What is physical movement in drama?

Physical movement in drama is expressive movements or ideas.

Why do you study drama?

because drama are important to our cultures

Why is movement important in drama?

Movement is important in drama because, like in real life, movement is just as important as words, when it comes to communication- in fact, 95% of communication is non-verbal. It is also important because it stays the same across all different languages and cultures, and makes a performance much more interesting and informative. Movement can be described as the act or an instance of moving; a change in place or position. In theatre, it becomes especially essential, because when half of your audience are sitting quite far away from you, they find it difficult to know what you are saying from your speech alone, so you have to communicate using body language.

What are the classifications of drama?

opera, monologue, pantomime, creative drama, human video, interpretative and synchronized movement

Which characteristics are NOT typical of baroque art?

movement,energy and drama

Why is mime important in drama?

I think mime is important in drama because it shows how someone can use there body to express themselves

What is movement in drama?

movement is when you act out what you are feeling or what the script is about. Movement is when you what to get people intrested in what you are doing. Movement is when you show the audience your thoughts and feelings.

What is a stylized form of movement which creates an illusion of reality in drama?


What are the elements of Dance Drama?

Dance & Codified Gesture Movement...

Why is freeze frame important in drama?

Freeze frames are important in drama because it allows the audience to see the facial expressions and the reactions of the characters

What does GEMS stand for in drama?

What does GEMS stand for in drama, could it be Girl Exits, Man Stays?

Importance of drama?

Drama is only important when it is considered as a part of the arts. Drama helps people use their imagination. Drama also allows people to be someone else for a while.

Why are communication skills important in the drama process?

because communication in drama will help the actors being out the best expressions in the drama been displayed

Which is most characteristic of baroque art?

Intense spirituality. Movement, energy, and drama

How are tendons important in bone movement?

Tendons are important for allowing movement because they reduce tension and movement is produced by tendons.

Why are tendons important for allowing movement?

Tendons are important for allowing movement because they reduce tension and movement is produced by tendons.

What is a chloral speech in drama?

Because it is important

Who was important to the abolition movement in America?

the person who was important to the abolition movement in america was andrew jackson

What are the important features of a drama?

to be performed in stage or in the audience

Why the dance drama on myth and legend is important?


What is the point at which a soloist sings text important to propelling drama?


Why is mass movement important?

because it is important

Who was the important writer from the gupta period?

Kalidasa was an important author of Sanskrit poetry and drama.

What has the author Moussa Jaffar Alsoudani written?

Moussa Jaffar Alsoudani has written: 'Modern English poetic drama as an antinaturalistic movement' -- subject(s): English Verse drama, English drama, History and criticism