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Players can get hurt.

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Q: Why is lack of protective clothing and equipment a hazard or risk in sport?
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5 Why is it important to wear appropriate protective clothing and equipment?

during sport or work a lot injury could happen .. many people face to injure their self because they don't wear the right equipment or they don't use any protective. so to keep your self and others around you out of any injury or dead it is important to wear protective clothing and equipment...

What could happen if you don't wear protective clothing in sport?

more likely to get hurt while playing sport

What types of equipment does Ellis Brigham sell?

Ellis Brigham a large assortment of primarily mountain sport themed clothing and equipment. They sell clothing and equipment for people interested in snowboarding, skiing, hiking, running and cycling.

What has the author Louise Lindgren Sumner written?

Louise Lindgren Sumner has written: 'Sew & repair your outdoor gear' -- subject(s): Equipment and supplies, Outdoor life, Protective clothing, Sport clothes 'Sew and Repair Your Outdoor Gear'

Why should you wear protective clothing in sports?

To protect yourself aswell as others from any bodily injuries that may happen in said sport activity.

What does the company Ronix Wake manufacture?

Ronix Wake manufactures water sport equipment such as wakeboards, wakeskates and wakesurfers. They also manufacture clothing equipment such as vests and wakeboard boots.

Is Lovell rugby a sport or a player?

Lovell Rugby is neither a sport or a player. Its an online rugby store based in the United Kingdom. They specialize in clothing and equipment to play rugby with.

What are the hazards of winter sports?

There are various hazards according to which winter sport you partake in. The most common hazard of course is injury, others can be damaging your equipment or simply getting a cold.

How has composites been an aid in the olympic sport of speed skating?

Light weight and strong helmets, boots, protective clothing can now be used due to use of composite materials

What do you use when playing certain sports?

Most generally, you need to have a uniform, which may include a jersey with a specific number, basic equipment, which may include pads and other protective gear, and any special equipment required by the sport.

Why is jewelry a hazard factor in sport?

i havnt a clue haha

What is sports direct's mission statement?

Sports Direct's mission statement is to sell sport clothing and equipment at low prices with the highest quality and customer service.

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