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so you can keep healthy and do sports

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What is the definition of body balance?

Body balance is the ability of the body to keep itself in an upright position. The body uses muscles, out feet, equilibrium and bones to help keep our balance.

What helps us keep your balance?

Your body

Which structure is important to your semse of balance and equilibrium?

Many structures within your body contribute to your sense of balance and equilibrium. A common body part that is important for balance is your big toe.

Which part contain your body balance?

ear are the part of body which keep our body balance and this is due to the bones and fluid present in ear.

Why was it important to keep an equal balance between the number of Free States and the number of Slave States?

to keep balance in the U.S.

How is it important to have a balance diet?

we need to eat a balance diet because it is important to us to have no sick & have a good body

How does the ear work with other body parts to keep the body healthy?

The inner ear provides balance, that may be somewhat important for the well being of the human body. also, hearing may not seem like it, but it is very important for humans.

What are some characteristics of homeostasis?

balance- the skeletal body helps keep balance in the body, The organ system- works together to preform its job.

What is homeostatic for kids?

homeastatic means balance in your body. This is very important; ex. it stands in to keep a same amount of products in your blood circulatory system

How does proprioception help balance?

proprioception is important to keep balance as it involves the sending of messages from an affected or injured part of the body to the brain. eg balance can be affected after knee replacement surgery,the messages not getting to the brain cause you to jump as your body is uncertain where the leg is positioned.The movement causes the signals to activate the sensation again and balance is restored.

How fluid balance works in your body?

Fluid balance in your body depends on how hydrated you are. Cell membranes will try to keep as much as water as it needs to function.

Which part of the human body helps keep your balance?

inner ear

Which part of the human body helps to keep balance?

Ear drums

Are bones important?

bones are important because they hold up the body and help it balance

Why is balance important?

balance is important because if you didn't have balance you would fall to the ground. it is like when you spin around lots of times you fall to the ground. the key to having balance is the ears i know it is funny but is the ears that help you keep balanceBalance is IMPORTANT because without it you would fall over

Why is it important to keep balance in an equation?

Because if it is not balanced it is not a true equation.

Why is homeostasis important to your body?

Homeostasis keeps the balance in your internal environment. It is important because homeostasis keeps balance in your Oxygen and Carbon intake. In your urinary system it keeps balance of water. How much it should store and how much to take out of the body.

What is the ability of the body to keep within the balance and normal vital signs?


Why do you have to manage food?

managing food is to keep a balance in food and for your body too.

What are the benefits of eating an avocado?

Avacado has oils and acids that keep your body in balance

What is the process that helps keep the microorganism and the human body fluids in balance?


Why is down force important?

If there was no force then there would be no balance to keep things in place

Why is it important to balance out the food you eat with your daily exercise?

It is important to balance food and exercise so you stay in shape, have healthy fat, and keep your heart and lungs healthy.

Why is it important to maintain the balance of water?

the reason for us to maintain a balance of water is because the human body needs a balance between the to (water &food )which enables the body 2 function properly and efficiently.

Why hygiene important?

keep body healthy