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Q: Why is kaka not playing currently?
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When did kaka started playing football for Brazil?

Kaka started playing for Brazil in 2002.

Top one hundred soccer players currently playing?

1. Cristiano Ronaldo 2. Kaka 3. Nemanja vidic

When did kaka start playing soccer?

alberto kaka started playing in 2002 now he plays for real Madrid

What team does kaka play for currently 2011?

kaka plays for Brazil as a international and his club is real Madrid

Is Ronaldo still active in playing soccer?


Why doesn't play kaka in this time?

Kaka is an amazing player and i don't understand why he isn't playing. My dad met him at tottenham as he was watching the match but he didnt mention not playing much.

Is kaka playing in the 2014 worldcup for Brazil?

yes i think....

What is the full name of kaka?

The Brazilian footballer Kaka, who currently plays for Real Madrid full name is, Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, which is shorten down to his commonly known name of Kaka.

Is kaka better than ronaldo?

of coarse!.............kaka is been playing for real Madrid and his goals are far better than ronaldo!............but when we compare them both , i think both are equal.................but kaka is much more better than ronaldo

Who is currently the best football player?

ronaldo then messi then kaka

What team do kaka play for?

so far Ricardo Kaka has played for a Italian team named milan and currently he is playin for a spanish team named real Madrid he is positioned as a midfielder.

Who got mvp in the 92-93 Stanley cup finals?

Kaka kakak kaka kaka kaka kaka kaaka kaaka kaaka kaka kaka