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London is in the northern hemisphere, north of the equator. The northern hemisphere has its winter in December to February.

Parts of Brazil is in the tropics, and don't really have a summer or winter, but the parts that do have that sort of climate, from around Rio and São Paulo and southwards, are in the southern hemisphere, where it is summer in December to February.

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Q: Why is it winter in London but summer in Brazil?
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IT cant be summer and winter at the same time in Brazil even if its hot and there is no snow in Brazil the seasonsare the same

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Does Brazil have a summer winter fall and spring?


If it is winter in London what season is it in cape town south Africa?


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Brazil being in the southern hemisphere has a Summer that is during the Winter of the Northern hemisphere. So Brazil's spring and summer are from September to March.

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For those who slept trough the geography class, Brazil is located on the Southern Hemisphere, meaning that Brazil´s summer is on the U.S. winter, and vice-versa.

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