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They do

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Q: Why is it that the world cup champions do not automatically qualify in the next world cup?
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Does winning the Europa Cup automatically qualify a team for the Champions League?

No. They qualify for the europa league next year no matter what league position.

Do the winners of the champions league qualify for the champions league?

No they do not do it.They have to qualify for the next season.

Do the winners of the europa league go into the champions league?

No, but the champions will automaticaly qualify for the next year's Europa League.

Does an Olympic gold medallist automatically qualify to the next Olympic games?


Can liverpoolfc qualify for champions league?

It is theoretically possible, but realistically they will not qualify this season, and would do well to qualify any time within the next two or three years.

How many scottish teams qualify for the champions league next season?

i believe its just one at a time

Will Singapore ever qualify for the next world cup?

I doubt very much that Singapore will qualify for the next world cup.

Will Chelsea feature in the next season champions league and how?

Yes, Chelsea will feature in the next year's edition of the Champions League. This is because they finished in the Top 3 of the Premier League and were eligible to qualify.

If you win the uefa cup do you qualify for champion legueas?

No. You qualify for the next season's Europa League, unless you qualify for the Champions League in another way (e.g. winning your domestic league).

If Newcastle finish 4th in the epl and Chelsea win the champions league does that mean Newcastle dont qualify for the champions league?

If Chelsea wins the Champions League, they will automatically be qualified for next year's no matter what their position is at the end of the season, and since the Premier League can only have four teams Newcastle would then not go to the Champions League but the Europa League, everything moving down one.

Would Chelsea fc be playing the champions league play off next season or automatically qualified for the group stage?

Chelsea will not play the play off, they have automatically qualified

Do the current world cup holders qualify for the next world cup?

Yes they do.

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