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first spelled banned wrong

go to school and get off the internet

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Q: Why is it that animals in sports should be band?
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Who announces NBC sports NHL hockey?

Sports are stupid. You should join band.

Should animals be used for sports and entertainment?


Should the use of animals in sports and entertainment be banned?

no because some animals are good at sports and it probably makes the happy

Sports involving animals should be banned?

No, as long as the animals are properly cared for. As an equestrian myself, I pampered my horse. There's no reason these sports should be banned as long as the animals' care is regulated and safe.

When was Sports - band - created?

Sports - band - was created in 2007.

Why zoos should not be band?

Zoos should not be banned because the animals live longer, can't be killed and people learn about them at the zoo

What should you make your website about?

Anything that interests you (hobbies, animals, sports, etc.)

What sports do animals do?

animal sports with toys and other animals

Your mom wont let you play sports because you play in the marching band What Do I Do?

You can try to reschedule sports around it or if you like sports more than band then maybe drop band.

What are music sports?

Oh my god!!! You dont know any music sports!???!! 1. Marching band!!!!!!!! 2. Pep band!!!!!!!!!!!! 3. Marching band!!!!!!!!!! 4. Pep band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why sports involving animals should be banned?

Some sports like dog sleeding might need to be banned since it puts the animals in danger, but I don't see a problem with pet shows. Except for the fact that it exploits the animals cuteness.

Why should you band plastic bags?

it is because people are just dumping them and animals will eat anything and usually animals die because of this matter.