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Venus does not have the correct requirements that we need in order to live on it. Venus has no Oxygen so survival would be minimal and without any trees/crops we'd also die of starvation.

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Q: Why is it not good to live on Venus?
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What is one reason human would not live on Venus?

Venus is much too hot for human life, even with really good air conditioners.

Can we live on Venus the 2nd planet from the Sun?

NO u cant live on venus because it has no oxygen....

What layer of the rainforest does the venus fly trap live?

what layer does the Venus fly trap live in

Can you get plants to live on Venus?

No. Venus is far too hot.

Can you live on the planet Venus?

No, you cannot live on the planet Venus. Venus is the second closest planet to the sun which means that the environment is extremely hot and unbearable for any type of life to live on it.

What are the biotic factors of a Venus Flytrap?

abiotic factors of the venus fly trap are the place they live in the climant and were they live in

Why cant we live on venus?

The atmoshere is 96.5% carbon dioxide which isn't good for breathing, the surface temperature is too hot to be able to live on too (863.3F).

Where would you stay if you went to Venus?

if i went to venus i would live in the mountains.

When was Good Ship Venus created?

Good Ship Venus was created on 1979-02-26.

Do pigs live on Venus the planet?


Can be live in planet venus yes or no?


Why can people not live on Venus?

cuz it is too hot to live on.