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Q: Why is it not difficult for public figures to win a libel suit?
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What is the Statute of limitations in libel law?

A libel laws suit is considered a civil suit. The limit will vary depending on the jurisdiction. You will need to consult an attorney in the appropriate jurisdiction to get the specifics.

Is it possible for an ex-convict to file a libel suit?

Yes. A criminal history does not a prevent a person from filing a law suit.

Can a libel suit be brought against an employee for reporting on their superior?

Yes, if it was in writing, defamatory, and untrue. If it is verbal, it is slander.

Is there any legal recourse for being called a sociopath?

Depending on the context, you may be able to make out a civil suit for libel or slander.

Is libel illegal?

Libel is a civil issue. We tend to reserve the terms "legal" and "illegal" for criminal actions. In civil law, we use the term "liable". In other words, if someone is guilty of a libelous action, they are subject to liability for any damages resulting from the libel. You can file a civil suit for libel but make sure you can meet your burden of proof, and make sure you can prove your damages. Being angry over libel is not, alone, enough to take it to court.

Can someone get in trouble for making false allegations?

Yes. In addition to civil suit for harassment, slander and/or libel, there could be criminal charges made by the authorities if you file a law suit based on the false accusations.

What was John Peter famous for?

John Peter Zenger was famous for being involved in a libel suit that established Freedom of the Press. He was a newspaper printer and a journalist.

What was john peter zenger famous for?

John Peter Zenger was famous for being involved in a libel suit that established Freedom of the Press. He was a newspaper printer and a journalist.

What can you do about someone making false accusations?

File suit for defamation of character (libel or slander), if caused harm to you or someone else physically or emotionally or financially of reputation.

Can a person be sued for calling a celebrity ugly?

Yes, they can be sued, but the suit will not be successful. (In the US, anyone can sue anyone for anything at any time. The question is not whether they can sue, but whether they can win. The type of lawsuit you are asking about is a libel or slander suit (oral or written). In order to prove this kind of suit, the plaintiff (here the celebrity) must assert that the defendant said something that is false about the plaintiff, and that the allegations led to damages for the plaintiff. Further, public figures, such as celebrities and politicians must also prove that the allegations were made with malice. A celebrity would not be able to prove that they suffered actual damages from being called ugly. However, there are successful libel/slander lawsuits. For example, if I told your employer that I caught you in bed with my 5 year old daughter, they believed it, and fired you as a result, you would be able to win this type of lawsuit.

How many figures are in a pack of cards?

12, 3 face cards, 1 each suit.

If you are social networking what will happen if you pretend to be someone you are not?

It depends on the individual and the course of action they decide upon. I know of a current NFL star who has filed identity theft suits through his legal team. My company has developed an authentication technique for public figures in these forums that we'll be launching this summer. The important thing to remember is that it is a form of identity theft, with defamation of character and libel suit potential, and can be taken seriously-and that Ip addresses reveal the source of origin.

What is the statute of limitations for filing a civil suit in Michigan?

That would be 3 years in Michigan. It is only 1 year for libel and slander cases. Consult a Michigan attorney for your specifics.

A party can be liable for defamation for truthful statements if the statement hurts the plaintiff's reputation?

No. Defamation, slander and libel involve use of a false statement. Truth is an absolute defense in a defamation suit.

Who is Dwyane Wade's attorney in the libel suit against Richard Von Houtman and how can I contact him?

Stearns Weaver Miller in Downtown Miami, They may be co-counsel. Good luck.

What are damages to a person in written form called?

Damage done to a person through writing is called libel. Slander is spoken defamation. Both libel and slander are types of defamation, and generally four or more people besides the victim would be witnesses for it to meet the legal definition. Plus one would have to prove harm. Of course, there are relaxed standards when public figures are involved. Just calling a politician a crook or a liar may not be enough to be considered defamation, since maliciousness would be required. So another politician or member of the press would be more likely to get hit by such a suit as opposed to a regular person who stands nothing to gain from any attempt at defamation.

Can you file a lawsuit against someone for verbal assault on the internet?

You may be able to bring a law suit for slander or libel. Some states have begun to recognize cyberbullying and put legislation in place to prevent it.

What does it mean to call someone petty?

Please be more specifical and stuff, as 'to their face' and 'behind their back' is two totally different situations. Putting it in print could bring a slander or libel suit, in America.

What is libel in journalism?

Libel is stating false claims or accusations about someone in writing In journalism one still has few advantages and libel will not be very easy to argue except that journalist should have belived the same to be true; or even if the same is in public interest, the journalist may go ahead and publish the same. There are several common defenses a reporter has against a libel lawsuit: * Truth Since libel is by definition false, if a journalist reports something that is true it cannot be libelous, even if it damages a person's reputation. Truth is the reporter's best defense against a libel suit. * Privilege Accurate reports about official proceedings - anything from a murder trial to a city council meeting or a congressional hearing - cannot be libelous. This may seem like an odd defense, but imagine covering a murder trial without it. Conceivably, the reporter covering that trial could be sued for libel every time someone in the courtroom accused the defendant of murder. * Fair Comment & Criticism This defense covers expressions of opinion, everything from movie reviews to columns on the op-ed page. The fair comment and criticism defense allows reporters to express opinions no matter how scathing or critical. === ===

Could you sue someone for making false statement?

In the US anybody can sue anyone for anything. What must be kept in mind is what it will cost you in attorney's fees, and what is the likliehood of the suit being successful. That being said -- Yes. you could file a civil suit for harassment, slander and/or libel, whichever is appropriate.

What does lounge suit mean for dress code?

"Lounge suit" is what the British call a man's suit, probably because their word for "living room" is "lounge" and a gentleman would wear a suit to appear in the living (or public) room. If the dress code is "lounge suit" that would mean a business suit and tie for men and a dress or dressy pantsuit for women.

Can a senator be sued for a libel if he named several people?

First, saying bad things about people may be slander; printing those things may be libel. Senators and Representatives have a certain immunity for things they say as part of Congressional debate, so in general, the answer to your question is no. However, the immunity is not absolute, so the option of a suit depends on circumstances. Consult an attorney.

What are your legal rights as a manager when one of your employees continues to make false complaints to Human Resources about you?

If they're false (and hopefully you can prove they are), you can sue that employee for slander. You can also sue for libel if any of the accusations are in writing. Slander and libel are present when your repuation and/or job suffer from the false accusations. Letting the employee know you intend to file suit may enough to get them stop.

What is the Georgia statute of limitations on suing a public authority?

This would be a civil law suit. In Georgia the statute of limitations is 2 years. There may also be restrictions on bringing suit against public officials and entities. Consult an attorney in Georgia for specifics.

How can a public school be sued for negligence?

It is a challenge. In most places a school is part of the government and it is difficult to sue government entities. If there is 'gross negligence' it may be possible to bring a law suit. You would have to consult an attorney that knows the laws for the jurisdiction the school is in.