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Jogging pant in general are more comfortable and warmer than jeans. I would skip the jeans all together and just wear the jogging pants.

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Q: Why is it more comfortable wearing jogging pants under my jeans?
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What kind of jeans should you wear?

Make sure they are lose enough for you to be comfortable, but not TOO loose. You're not going to impress anyone if your pants fall down. Also, if you are wearing a light colored shirt, wear light blue jeans. If you are wearing a dark colored shirt, wear dark blue jeans or black jeans.

Do you have to wear jeans when skateboarding?

You do not HAVE to. It doesn't matter what you wear, dress as comfortable as you can. Just be sure you are wearing the right clothing to protect you if you have an accident and come off the board; long pants such as jeans are sensible, as are long sleeves.

Can you get pregnant if your wearing thin shorts but he has jeans on?

No. Sperms can not travel through jeans and your pants.

What is the purpose of denim jeans?

To make sure you are wearing pants

What kind of pants go well with nikes air maxs?

Shorts, sometimes skirts it all Depends ummm flare or boot cut jeans leggings yoga pants or skinny jeans oh and jogging pants

Does tight jeans cause stretch marks?

No, but wearing tight jeans / pants can cause circulation problems and muslce pains in the legs.

How did jeans improve lives?

By wearing jeans it makes you comfortable and look stylish at the same time. Also it keeps you from walking outside butt naked with no pants on at all. A guy needs jeans because he cant wear skirts and dresses like girls.Well i guess he could but that would be gay.

How did the invention of the blue jeans change peoples lives?

it was the first comfortable pair of pants

Why do people wear skirts?

I personally hate wearing pants. Skirts are comfortable and cute. When you're hot they keep you cool and when you're cold they keep you warm. They are also typically easier to move in than jeans.

What is the difference between ride snowboard pants standard fit vs slim fit boot cut?

I am not an expert on snowboarding, but today I tried on a slim fit boot cut pants and they weren't the most comfortable pants. They aren't meant for girls with bigger thighs because I felt like I was wearing jeans! The standard fit are more comfortable and I personally feel more mobile in them when I do snowboard.

How can you make your legs look thicker?

Instead of wearing skinny jeans you cour wear really loose jeans. I suggest you pull the pants over boots. Sweat pants are a good idea too.

What jeans was the girl in Justin Biebers song one time wearing?

she wasent wearing pants she was wearing a mini skirt totall mini skirt

Can you get pregnant if you were wearing pants your boyfriend had jeans he was on you both were shirtless but both felt wet but with wet marks on your pants?

You cant get pregnant. you both have pants on. that is the only reason you can get pregnant.

Can the word calculation fit with a sentence using pants?

While the boy was doing some math calculations he was wearing blue pants that I call jeans.

What jeans has Rob Dyrdek been wearing on ridiculousness they do not appear to be dc or young and reckless?

I heard him say they are actually sweatpants that resemble jeans.

Can jeans negitivly affect your body?

Unfortunately, wearing Denim pants IS harmful to your health... I suggest you avoid them

Can you tell if some one is wear a thong with jeans or sweatpants and can u see a thong though those pants?

It depends upon the color of the jeans and sweatpants someone is wearing as to whether or not you can see if they are wearing a thong through those pants. If they are wearing white jeans or sweatpants, you may be able to see the thong through the clothing. If the clothing is dark colored, generally speaking you wouldn't see the thong through them.

What kind of pants is Andy biersack wearing in the rebel love song video?

He's wearing ripped jeans but they're laced up on his thighs

Where might one go to purchase comfortable bottoms?

If bottoms refers to pants, then it would depends on what you constitute comfortable. You can find comfortable pajama pants, blue jeans, and slacks at any department store. Examples of department stores are JC Penny's, Sears and Kohls.

Things you wear that start with j?

There are many items that you wear that start with the letter J. Some of them are jeans, jacket, jewelry, jogging pants, and jumper.

Why are baggy pants out?

Because at the moment, clothes that are tight and figure-hugging are considered to be fashionable. Baggy pants may be comfortable but they are not as appealing as say, skinny jeans or leggings.

Are jeans elastic or inelastic?

Jeans are elastic since you can substitute jeans with track pants or other pants.

Is it easy to notice when a girl is wearing a maxi pad?

Not unless she is wearing tight workout pants, sometimes cotton pants or a swimsuit. It doesn't usually show through jeans or dress pants/skirts. If you need to check, use a full length mirror to check.

Is it possible to get pregnant by dry humping if the guy is wearing jeans and boxers and girl is in pajama pants and underwear?

Absolutely not

What is the average of Americans who wear denim jeans in 1 week?

Lots Millions of people wear jeans everyday. Example, my school has 2500 students, 2500 jeans there minus the few who will wear sweat pants or pajama pants over their jeans. if you also count faculty that is about another 100 people wearing jeans within one day