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Q: Why is it important to record colour test?
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Why is it important to carry out colour test?


How is a strand test carried out?

a strand test is carried out after applying colour to a hair. You remove the colour of a strand of the hair to check if you have the desired result (colour)

Do the Record Custodians have a test after training?

Yes, Record Custodians (RCs) do take a test after training.

How do you test purity of khoya?

test for starch- dissolving in water+heating+cooling+3-4 drops of tincture iodine, if present, dark blue colour will appear. test for colour- dissolving in water + HCL ,if metanil yellow colour is present, pink colour will appear.

Why do hair test cutting carry out?

Hair cutting tests are done for drug testing purposes because drugs can be detected in hair for a longer period than in urine or blood. This method provides a historical record of drug use over several months.

Do you have to go to college to get a test driver job?

No, you don't have to go to college to get a test driver job. More importantly, you will need a good, clean, driving record and possibly some experience. Certain companies might require education but your driving record is more important.

What colour flame test do sodium sulphate and potassium chloride give?

Sodium sulphate gives a yellow flame test, and potassium chloride gives a lilac flame test.

What is the colour of the ball in test cricket?


What are you if you fail the ishihara test?

colour blind

What colour is warn for test cricket?


What colour is biuret before test?


How can you know is someone is colour blind?

do a test