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Dehydration can be a real problem facing athletes all over the world. However it shouldn't be. It is as simply as having regular glasses of water after and during exercise.

Signs of dehydration can include



excessive sweating

cravings for sugar & alcoholic fruit cake (thats a joke)

Anyway, there are also benefits of drinking water

if you have two glasses of water after you exercise it helps dramtically in weightloss and staying healthy

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Why is it important to drink when taking part in sport?

to prevent dehydration. In sports you loss a lot of body fluid and this need to be replaced by drinking a lot of water.

What is the purpose of a sports bottle?

during sports lost of electrolyte & dehydration happened to recover this there is sports bottle filled of water & electroltes becomes nescesarily required.

How can dehydration affect a sports persons performance?

If you have dehydration, you become lightheaded and sometimes black out so it could make you lousy in the sport or the sports training.

What sports related risk is associated with thirst?


What sports-related risk is associated with thirst?


Why is it important to heal from a sports injury?

To prevent future injuries from the injury you just got..... Bones may fuse wrong

Where can I find mouth guards?

Using mouth guards during sports or athletic activity can help prevent dental damage. They can also be worn at night to prevent teeth grinding. Shock Doc is the leader in protective sports mouthguards for helmets, braces and professional athletes.

Why are sports drinks so important to athletes?

They replace electrolytes lost during heavy activity.

Why is water important to sports performers?

Water is important to sport performers because they get dehydrated while they're doing an active sport. Don't know what dehydrate means? Dehydration means that you don't have enough water in your body and your very thirsty.

WHY practice is important in sports?

Practice is important in sports because if you do not practise you will not be so good sports compitition etc.

How can you prevent the fraternity?

by joining in sports and other activities

What does sports medicine prevent?

Injuries do to improper exercise.

Why do men wear tight underpants?

They wear tight underpants for support and comfort. The "boys" need to be supported to help prevent injury during sports for example.

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sports and school both are important if u are well educated and have the knowledge about sports than u can lead ur study and sports at a same time so both are important

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Why were sports important in the 1920s?

sports is important because it helps us stay fit and healthy

What sports is very important to us?

Basketball, and football are the two main sports important to us

What can be done to prevent brain injuries in sports?

Wear a helmet.

What sports require specific strength to prevent injury?


What are the top sports drinks?

Gatorade is the most popular but you should use water. it is much better for you and you won't die of dehydration

Do sports drinks help you recover faster?

yes. some are 7 times more effective than water for dehydration

Why are sports so important in your world today?

Sports are important because you can stay healthy and stay in shape. :)

Why are sports important to American culture?

The most important sports to American culture are football, baseball and basketball.

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Why is sports medicine important?

its not