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Q: Why is it important for a man to carry a long pole in the Yukon?
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What is more west British Columbia or Yukon?

The western boundary of Yukon, extended to the North Pole, is the westernmost part of Canada.

What is a long pole in lacrosse?

A long pole in Lacrosse is a defence pole.

When the north pole is tilted towards the sun and the south pole away from the sun what do the people do in south pole?

They have a long dark winter. During the southern winter (March-September), the South Pole receives no sunlight at all. The people who live near the south pole are scientists and they carry on with their scientific activities during the winter.

What is a long stick and rhymes with droll?


Explorers going to the north pole or the south pole must carry green vegetables with them why is this necessary?

explorers carry green vegetables and fruit juices because so that they can get proper nutrition.

What transport is used for pole vault equipment?

it is fairly obvious, they have a big truck or sometimes a van that carry the pole's and equipment.

What stores carry grape frooties?

they sell them at north pole

How long does a letter take to get to the North Pole?

There is no postal delivery to the North Pole.

What is the game in track when you jump over the long pole?

The pole vault.

How long is a 13ft pole to a point 8ft from the bottom of the pole?


How long is the pole used in pole vaulting?

Trick question: The pole used in pole vaulting may be any length. There are no restrictions as far as how long a pole can be or how much a pole can weigh. Poles are rated by the weight of the person using it. Looking at a site that sells poles they come in lengths from 7 feet to 16 feet.

How long did it take Scott of the antarctic to reach the south pole?

How long did it take for robert scott to reach the south pole

How long is a pole used in pole vaulting in feet?

I am a pole vaulter and i use a 12 foot pole but it can range from 9 to in the Olympic some times 18

Is Alaska north south east or west?

All of the above. It is North of British Columbia, South of the North Pole, East of Russia and West of the Yukon Territory.

How long would it take to sail from the North Pole to the South Pole?

You can't because the south pole is surrounded by land!

What do you call a long thin pole thrown in Olympics?

The pole is called a javelin.

How long does it take to get from Antarctica to the South Pole?

The South Pole is within Antarctica.

Why does a tightrope walker carry a long pole which is curved downwards?

The artist often carries a balancing pole that may be as long as 12 meters (39 feet) and weighs up to 14 kilograms (31 pounds). This pole increases the rotational inertia of the artist, which allows more time to move his or her center of mass back to the desired position directly over the wire. This effect can be magnified by making the pole as long as possible and by weighting its ends. The pole also helps balance the funambulist by lowering the center of gravity. High-wire artists use drooping, rather than rigid, balance poles. It's possible, in fact, to have such heavy weights attached to the ends of a long, drooping pole that the center of gravity of the performer/pole system is below the wire. In this case, the performer would require no more sense of balance than a person hanging from the wire. Check the related links for more info

How long would it take to fly from the North Pole to the South Pole?

35114541544 miles

If a ski pole is 3.0feet in length how long is the ski pole in mm?

914.4 millimeters

How long does it take to get from the north pole to Aruba on a cruise?

No ships cruise to the North Pole.

A cable 23 feet long runs from the top of a utility pole to a point on the ground 12 feet from the base of the pole How tall is the utility pole?

The height of the pole is 19.62ft

Where do polar bears live at the North Pole?

Polar bears live in the Arctic region, but not specifically at the North Pole. The largest populations of polar bears are in western Canada in the Northwest and Yukon Territories and in northern Alaska. Most polar bears live in North America.

How long is it from the top of the world to the bottom?

Pole to pole via the Earth's surface is 12416 miles

An event like the high jump but with a long stick is called the pole?

its called a pole vault