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cause u weak

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Q: Why is it harder to pick up a bowling ball than a tennis ball?
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Why is a bowling ball hard to pick up?

It is heavy.

How are the different football and tennis?

In tennis you hit the ball with a racket in football you kick the ball and are not aloud to pick the ball up in the match unless your a goalie.

Why is a bowling ball is hard to pick up?

The difficulty of picking up a bowling ball is the weight of the ball and holes for the hand grip relative to the person picking up the ball and their strength and mobility.

What is a backup ball in bowling?

Its to really pick you back up when your not doing well in a tournament.

How do you pick the right size bowling ball?

All bowling balls are manufactered the same size. If it is weight you are referring to, it should be the heaviest, most comfortable ball you can hold without straining.

How to score bowling?

well,you pick up the round ball throw at the right things and keep it on the lanes

Can you help with a bowling poem?

I pick up the ball, Its sleek and smooth,I drop the ball in the lane,It bounces from bumper to bumper andYes, Strike

What do you call a person who pick up a ball in a tennis match?

Ball Boys and Ball Girls. More details and history can be seen on the related link.

What is the scare tactics episode with the dude with the head in the bowling ball bag?

Don't pick up a hitch hiker

Why carnt you hit the ball twice in table tennis?

Because it is the rules. It's like saying why can't you pick up the ball in football.

Why are bowling balls heavy?

So the ball can pick up more speed. For example, if you drop a feather on the ground, it takes a longer time to fall than a heavier object, such as a notepad. A bowling ball is heavier to gain speed faster.

Is White dot a good bowling ball?

It is a good bowlign ball if you need to pick up your spares. This ball is only meant to go straight but if u can throw the ball slow enough and add ALOT of r evs you can get it to hook.

Should you pick 5 for your bowling?


What bowling ball do the pro's use?

They all use different ones. Most professionals are sponsored by different bowling ball compaines, so they all get to pick wich type of ball they would like to use. They do have a few things in common though. They all have reactive cores, and they all weigh about the same, between 12 to 16 pounds.

What is probability that she will pick a tennis of 4 that she has?

if they are all tennis balls, then 100% percent

How much dose a bowling ball weigh?

It varies, I have been bowling for 10 years and I used 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 18LBS. balls. At the bowl shop I go to you can pick any were from 6-20LBS. balls.

Why does a cricket player move his hands backward while throwing a ball?

a cricket player moves his hands backwards while bowling to pick up pace -hrishikesh parale

What is a tennis ball hopper?

The term 'tennis ball hopper' is pretty broad, covering a variety of different tennis court equipment. Tennis ball tubes can be used to pick up balls and as a dispenser you hang on the fence. They generally hold about 15-18 balls and are great for individuals who don't hit more than a couple of dozen balls in a session. Another type of tennis ball hopper is a ball basket. You typically use these to pick up balls by pushing the bottom of the basket on the ball and squeezing it into the storage bin. Many of these models allow you to flip the handles so that the basket can be used like a stand that you can easily grab balls out of. Another type of tennis ball hoppers are the ball carts. These look somewhat like grocery carts. You can't use them to pick up balls, but they can hold about 200-350 balls. One model in particular has collapsible legs that allow it to fit in the trunk of a car. Finally, there are the ball mowers. These are designed to quickly gather large numbers of balls into a container. You push them like a lawn mower and the mechanism inside the mower feeds the ball into a storage unit. Some models of mowers can double as stands or allow you to set up the storage unit like a stand.

Fastest game between lawn tennis and table tennis?

In terms of ball speeds lawn tennis will register faster; Andy Roddick serves the ball at 155mph. The ball has a long way to pick up speed and the racquet is engineered to be able to hit the ball very fast.However, in terms of game speed, table tennis will be quicker. Games are for fewer points than in lawn tennis, so in terms of time you're looking at less time to get to a win than a professional tennis game, which can sometimes last for hours. Also you could argue the game looks quicker; given the shorter length of the table there are more hits of the ball and it goes back and forth more often.

Can players pick up balls lying on their court as quickly as possible after each point in tennis?

No, it's not allowed, once the ball drops to the ground its over. unless the ball does a first bounce or second bounce.

How is bowling played?

Well first, you have to go to a bowling alley and then you wil have to get a pair of rental bowling shoes. Next, you will be on your lane and your names will be on the screen. Then, when your name is highligted pick up a ball and look at the arrows on the lane and roll it down the middle arrow. You can roll it any way you like as long as your not lofting it. Then, throw either 3 balls for 5 pin or 2 balls for 10 pin.The point of the game is to knock over as many pins as possible with a bowling ball in a limited number of rolls, or "shots".

What is a bowling setter?

There is a Pinsetter, which is the mechancal device used to set and pick up the pins. I've never head of a bowling setter, however.

How do you explain density to a fourth grader?

Density is how much "stuff" is inside something. A piece of styrofoam is not as dense as a bowling ball because the styrofoam has lots of air bubbles in it and the ball is solid. Collect different materials and let them pick them up and see how they compare.

Can you wipe your golf ball on the green?

mark your ball pick it up wipe it put it back pick ball mark up no stroke penalty.

How does the loudness change in a harp?

You pluck/pick and strum it harder.