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the air is super thin cuz of the high altitude

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Q: Why is it difficult to play football in the Denver Broncos stadium?
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What football team plays at mile high stadium?

Denver Broncos

Where was the first game of the Denver Broncos?

At Bears Stadium in Denver, Colorado. This stadium went on to be called Mile High Stadium.

What is Denver's football teams name?

The Denver Broncos.

What is the name of the professional football team in Denver?

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What is a main football team in Colorado?

The Denver Broncos in the NFL and the Buffalos from the University of Colorado.yes. the denver broncos

What is the second highest NFL stadium?

Denver Co Broncos

What is the stadium of the Denver Broncos?

Invesco Field at Mile High

Which sport do the Broncos play?

The Denver Broncos are a part of the National Football League.

What was the name for the denver football team when they first started?

The Denver Broncos were a charter member of the American Football League when it was founded in 1960. The team was known that year as the Broncos and has always been known as the Broncos.

What Is the rodeo horses football team?

The Denver "Broncos"

What is the name of the Colorado football team?

The Denver Broncos

What team is a great football team?

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