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Q: Why is it better to be an egoist?
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What does an ethical egoist argue that you should do something?

it makes you better off.

How to Make a sentence with the word egoist?

You are an egoist. :)

When did The Egoist - periodical - end?

The Egoist - periodical - ended in 1919.

When was The Egoist - periodical - created?

The Egoist - periodical - was created in 1914.

How do you use egoist in a sentence?

The egoist was too conceited to notice the woman drowning

What is an egoist?

Egoist: A person who thinks only about himself/herself anddoes anything purely for personal gains.

How do you deal with egoist?

Avoid them

How do you use the word egoist in a sentence?


A person with a you first attitude is a an?


What is for self-regarding person?


What is self oriented person?

An egoist.

One who is supremely selfish is called?