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hockey initially became popular in Canada because of the long, cold weather periods in the northern regions of the country.

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Q: Why is ice hockey so popular in canada?
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What is the importance of ice hockey to Canada?

Hockey is the official sport in canada, also hockey was created in canada. So hockey very popular in canada.

Why is ice hockey so popular?

because it kicks ass!!!!

Why is hockey so important and popular in Canada?

Ice Hockey is a major part of Canadian history, so most Canadians hold it dear to their hearts. It's not only liked in Canada, but a lot of Canadians are diehard fans because of the history of the sport in Canada.

Is soccer popular in Canada?

No, its as popular as it is in the States. Hockey is by far the most popular sport in Canada, followed by Football, NFL and CFL. So NO, not really.

Most poupler sport in Canada?

Canada's most popular sport is hockey. It is said to be that in the 16th century, there have been photos of pedestrians in Canada moving objects around the ice while skating. So from then on it had came to be.

Why is ice hockey so popular in America?

Good marketing and a great fan base.

How popular is ice hockey in France?

oh it is so not that popular ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Improved: Although France isn't really a prominent ice hockey country, they do play the sport, and have teams like most countries do. Fédération Francaise de Hockey sur Glace, or FFHG, is the ice hockey federation for France. Check it out here: - Sorry its in French and I have not yet found a way to translate it to English. So, overall, Ice hockey isn't too popular in France, but it is played there! :)

Why is ice hockey on ice?

so that the hockey puck can slide once been hit.

What hockey related things originated in Canada?

Lacrosse, the not so popular but successful sport made in 1963. (the idea came from a groupe of hockey players)

Why is Canada so god at hockey?

I think Canada is so good at hockey because we have a long winter season which gives the Canadian team more chance to practice.The Canadian team is under good coaching staff and hockey is a very popular sport in Canada so the Canadian team has more players to choose from.

How is ice time in hockey?

Do you mean what is ice time in hockey? If so, ice time in hockey is the amount of time a player is actually on the ice, not the bench. This is used for stats and comparison.

What are the sports for Canada?

Canada has many of the same sports as the United States: baseball is very popular, and so is basketball. Canadians enjoy football (although Canadian football rules are slightly different from those in the United States), and they are also fond of a sport called curling. But the most popular sport in Canada is probably ice hockey.

Which team did Brendan Morrison play most of his career for?

Brendan Morrison is a Canadian national who played as a professional ice hockey center for so many ice hockey teams in Canada and in the US. He also played for Team Canada and won gold in 2004 and silver in 2005.

What are the national sports of Sweden?

the most popular sports in Sweden are soccer and ice hockey, so i guess they are the national sporst. ;)

What is the SO period in ice hockey?

Shoot Out

Is ice hockey a London Olympics?

No, because ice hockey is a winter sport. So no, but it will be in the 2014 winter olympics.

Why is hockey so important to Canada?


Why is hockey a Canadian symbols?

It is because that Canada is very cold and people need to exercise so people invented hockey. over the years, hockey became more popular as more people played it. Finally hockey was made an Canadian symbol.

Why is hockey a Canadian symbol?

It is because that Canada is very cold and people need to exercise so people invented hockey. over the years, hockey became more popular as more people played it. Finally hockey was made an Canadian symbol.

How much is to play ice hockey at center ice?

💱 so much money

Why is there a hockey helmet?

so they dont hit there head on the ice.

Why do hockey players have to play on ice?

You don't have to just play on ice,you can play street hockey,Toledo Ohio has a huge street hockey i play in and its real fun. and you can do field hockey,so there are many ways.

Why did the ice arena get so hot after the big hockey game math sheet?

The answer to the joke 'Why did the ice arena get so hot after the big hockey game' is because of all the fans.

Why was hockey invented?

British solders stationed in Canada are attributed to creating the game of Ice Hockey by playing a version of field hockey. The story is that they were getting cold and needed something to do to alleviate boredom and keep them warm as well, so they started hitting rocks using sticks on the icy ground. They didn't play on skates at first, this was introduced much later and became what we now know as Ice Hockey.

Do people get sick from hockey rink ice?

Hockey rink ice has to be kept cold so if you stay around the ice for a long time without the proper clothing you may get sick.