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becasue you hit the hand ball with your hand

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Q: Why is hand ball called hand ball?
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Second hand golf ball is called what?

A lake ball.

What is a hand ball in football?

There is no such violation "hand ball" in the Laws of the Game. The offense is called deliberate handling.

If you use our hands in soccer what is it called?

This foul is called hand-ball

Can you stop the ball in soccer with your shoulder when you are not goalie?

Shoulder contact with the ball is allowed. A foul is called only when the ball touches the hand below the hand.

If a fly ball is caught and then in the transfer of the ball from the glove to the hand the ball is dropped is the batter called out?


There is an equestrian discipline where you play in a team and use a ball called horse- ball?

true its horse hand or horse ball?

Is it a hand ball if someone kicks the ball at you football?

If the ball is kicked at your hand then no. There is ball to hand and hand to ball. If it is ball to hand, nothing should happen, but if you go and block the ball with your hand or arm, it's a foul. There are exceptions but that is the general rule.

What does the meaning of slow ball?

if the bowler release the ball at hand from slowly means its called slow bowl...

What is a Priests hand-warming ball of hot water called?

Is there such thing as an equestrian decipline called horse hand or horseball?

Yes, it is called horse ball.

When a player contact the ball below their waist with their hands connected it is called?

it is called an over hand

What if a ball going towards stumps after hitting batsmans body and he stops the ball with hand is it consider out if its out so what out it is?

Yes it is considered out and it was once happened with mohindar Amarnath. It is called hand playing the ball.

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