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A Golf swing is considered to be in an oblique plane because it is no a straight line. It bows a little bit from your backswing to your follow through.

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Q: Why is golf swing considered in oblique plane?
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Elaborate on a movement in the oblique plane?

Movements like for instance a golf swing that's takes movement trough a number of planes,cannot be catagorised as a single movement in a single plane,eg.sagital,horizontal or vertical plane movements.Thus catagorised as movements in the oblique plane.

What is the meaning of improving golf swing?

Improving your golf swing generally means improving the fundamentals of it i.e correct swing plane, coiling correctly etc.

Does anyone have a golf swing trainer that really works?

The medicus dual hinge 5 iron and driver actually help with your swing plane a grip; two essential elements to the golf swing. Definitely recommended!

Do hybrid irons prevent shanking in golf?

No it does not prevent shaking in golf if you use the plane one swing because you are only using your body, not your arms.

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The players golf score which depends on the number of swings taken at the ball?

yes the golf score depends on the number of swings you take at the golf ball. A practice swing doesn't count. I would say a putt is somewhat considered a swing.

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What word is in common with golf and playground?

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What are the prime movers in a golf swing?

The tricep is the prime mover in the acceleration stage of the golf swing.

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