Why is golf easy?

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All you need to do is hit a ball on a stick with another stick and try to get it through a whole.

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Q: Why is golf easy?
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How do you get golf coupons?

Getting Golf Coupons are easy. The best Coupons you can find at USGA.

Where do you get Ping golf painters caps?

Try eBay or an online golf shop. They are quite easy to get hold of.

Is golf club software easy to use?

Golf club software can be easy to use depending on which software you have purchased. If it has a bright, easy to navigate design and isn't cluttered, you will find it much more simple to use.

What are some easy sports to start at a late age?

Golf or bowling. Maybe not easy but not physically taxing.

How do you play crazy golf?

easy find it out your self like i care

Why do golf ball dimples help the ball?

it makes aerodynamically easy

What has the author P A Vaile written?

P. A. Vaile has written: 'The soul of golf' -- subject(s): Golf 'How to learn golf' -- subject(s): Golf 'Putting made easy' -- subject(s): Golf 'The backhand book' -- subject(s): Tennis

Where can someone find out how to calculate golf handicaps?

One may find out how to calculate golf handicaps from the websites Golf Links and Wiki How. Both have straightforward examples that make it easy to learn.

How to become a golf course manager.?

To become a golf course manager, you have to have an extensive training in golf course management. It is not an easy job, you have to know everything there is to know about golf course management. Check out for article on becoming a golf course manager.

Who carries golf bags?

all golf club brands sell golf bags most sport stores also carry them and if you buy a golf club set you can also get a golf bag with it you can find them at yard sles or even at walmart very easy to find one

How many golf fans in the world?

Depends if you mean a car or the sport Easy m8

What has the author Peter Alliss written?

Peter Alliss has written: 'The duke' 'Lazy golfer's companion' 'Play better golf' 'Golf master classes' -- subject(s): Golf 'A golfer's travels with Peter Alliss' -- subject(s): Golf, Celebrities 'Learn golf the easy way from scratch ... to Scratch'

If a 1 kg golf club swung at 6 meters per second hits a 01 kg golf ball and all of the momentum is transferred to the golf ball what is the velocity of the golf ball after the impact?

assuming you meant to say "0.1 kg golf ball": 60 m/s Too easy

What member of the World Golf Hall of Fame is considered to be the father of professional golf?

Allan Robertson can finally rest easy in his grave. The man considered to be the father of professional golf has been voted into the World Golf Hall of Fame at last through the Veterans Category. {| |- | |}

Does the Little Tikes Totsports series include a golf game?

Yes, the Little Tikes Totsports series includes a golf game. You can find more information about Little Tikes Totsports series golf game at

Where can you buy golf hats?

I'd try golf specialty stores first. Any department store might as well. Consider purchasing online for easy ordering and shipping.

What actor scored huge sales with his Bad Golf Made Easy instructional video?

Leslie Nielsen

How do you unlock the super ball in Super stick golf?

easy, all you have to do is get a -10 on the ice flows course.

What's the best book for learning to play golf?

The editor's of Golf magazine have taken and compiled over 100 golf experts' knowledge into one easy to read and understand manual for you. "Golf The Best Instruction Book Ever" is avaible online and at local book retailers for a minimal price.

How do you remove glove box on mk4 golf?

very easy first do you have a sister lol : ) is she pretty? Ok let's do it go at youtube and watch glove box removing of golf mk4

What are the basic rules of the golf game called Fast Ball?

Some Powerful Golf Swing Tips: 1. One of the most important golf swing tip is to keep your club face square. You need to maintain a consistent golf swing plane in order to keep your club face square. 2. Always fully concentrate your eye on the ball. You need to do these at all times during your swing. Golf is played at a professional level all over the world.The Rules of Golf are very simple 1) Easy to play 2) Concentration is a key element of playing good Golf Golf is an Easy and Interesting game, A few simple flexibility and strength exercises can change your whole golf game. Concentration is the key success of playing Brilliant golf game

What are some easy pantomimes for kids?

playing sports such as baseball, tennis or golf. swimming or other recreation activites

Which episode of Cake Boss has an Easy Bake Oven?

Episode 8 season 2; golf greens and gravity

Where could one go to purchase accessories for Yamaha golf carts?

It should be relatively easy to purchase accessories for Yamaha golf carts. Amazon, Zazzle, Shop 411, Pronto and Radical Golf Carts are all online sources that sell these accessories.

Where is the 2007 vw Golf cabin filter?

The cabin filter on a 2007 VW Golf is located in the glove compartment for easy access. It filters all incoming air to the cooling and heating system.