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I have seen that the football match played in all the days in the week....

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Q: Why is football played on Saturdays?
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Why is college football played on Saturdays?

Because the Pros play on Sunday, and weekdays are for school. Its all about the TV these days.

What day of the week are premier league football games?

Premier league matches are played on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Where and when was Football played?

Football is played on a football pitch and anytime there is a game! It is played in MLS.

How many Saturdays are there by month in 2008?

In 2008, January had four Saturdays. February had four Saturdays. March had five Saturdays. April had four Saturdays. May had five Saturdays. June had four Saturdays. July had four Saturdays. August had five Saturdays. September had four Saturdays. October had four Saturdays. November had five Saturdays. December had four Saturdays.

Did monday night football come from England?

English Premier League (soccer) games are played on Monday nights, but I doubt the concept for Monday Night Football originated from that.AnswerNo. In England football is traditionally played at 3.00pm on Saturdays. Monday night football is essentially a product of television companies paying clubs to change their kick off times for live television broadcasts.

Where is football played?

It is played in the stadium, football stadium.

What country is football played in?

Football is played in Australia

Where is football game played?

On a football pitch, a football club's ground, a football stadium, are three possible name for where football can be played.

What is the differnec between argentine football and Brazilian football?

Argentine football is played in Argentina. Brazilian football is played in Brazil.

What is the difference between college football and NFL football?

College football is played by college students. NFL football is played by professionals.

Is football a sport played in California?

Yes, football is played in California.

How did football used to to be played?

in ancient china football used to played by Buddhist.

Is football played in the spring?

Yes, football is played every part of the year

Where is the football game is going to be played at?

The football game is going to be played in America.

What seasons do you play football?

Football is professionally played from fall to winter. However, football can be played recreationally year-round.

Did the Romans play football?

they played football

What is the number of minutes played in a football game?

what is the number of minuts played in a football game

What percent of America play or played football?

79% of Americans play or have played football.

What college did Burt Reynolds played football at?

He played football at Florida State University.

Is Mob football played today?

Yes mob football is still played to day!

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Saturdays are for relaxing shopping!!!!!!!

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The Saturdays were formed in 2007.

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