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Q: Why is football played in the winter months not during the warmer parts of the year?
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What is the bag that a football player wears during a game?

its a hand warmer

Why do monarchs migrate to mexico?

Warmer climate during Winter months.

What is the top recreational activity in Utah?

Skiing during the winter... Moutain trail hiking during the warmer months.

Why south Asia warmer than central Asia during winter?

Scientists believe El Nino is the reason why South Asia is warmer than Central Asia during the winter months.

What is the bag or pad thing that some players are wearing on their waist during a football game?

A hand warmer

What do gray foxes do during winter?

The gray fox does not hibernate in winter and continues much the same routine as during the warmer months.

Is there a light blanket that is good to use in the warmer months?

using a all cotton ,(not wool )is best for the warmer months

What is least likely to occur in the US during spring and summer months?

Blizzards are least likely to happen in the spring and summer months because the temperatures are warmer.

Should a pellet stove be unplugged during the warmer months?

If it has a residual computer module drawing a few watts - unplug it.

Can fruit flies live in the desert?

Yes, fruit flies can and do live in the desert. They are most apparent during warmer months.

When does Antarctica have its higher temperatures?

Antarctica experiences warmer temperatures when the sun shines on the continent, which is during the austral summer months.

Do bats live in the desert?

Yes, there are a number of species of bats that make the desert their home, especially during the warmer months.

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