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American Football? Well there are two main reasons really, for one it isn't near as popular as soccer and other sports around the world. The other one is because it doesn't meat some requirements that it's needed for it to be an Olympic sport. What are those requirements that it's missing? Here are the popularity criteria:

1.The sport must be practiced by men in at least 75 countries and four continents, and by women in at least 40 countries and three continents.2. The sport in question must have a governing International Federation in order for the IOC to officially recognize them as a sport.3. The governing body has to then file an application to become a demonstration sport. After that, the sport may file another application to officially become a fully recognised Olympic sport.

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Because most people in the world are weak. Compared to Americans. If they tried to play real full contact football their bones would break and they would wish they never played.

I got an idea lets kick a ball back and forth and bore the whole world.

I would rather seen them kick a live grenade around it would be more entertaining.

They would play games that don't get hurt in like soccer, cricket and tennis. The truth is American sports we like to see people break bones. World sports they are safe and can play with a grape fruit. The idea of pain is getting kicked in the shin.

The idea of American pain is spinal injury.

Enter Danger and the world exits.

Say I'm wrong and I'm going to have a linemen knock on your door and when you open they will do a flying tackle on you to break every bone in your body.


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American football is not an Olympic event because not enough countries play it competitively. A game similar to American football is played only in Canada. What the rest of the world calls football (Soccer in US) is played at the Olympics.

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American football is mainly only played in the US, but is somewhat popular in other North American countries. Canada has adopted American football, but gave it a twist which is why it is known as Canadian football. The reason why American football isn't more widespread is that it simply just hasn't caught the attention of other countries, and isn't popular. The most popular sports in the world are football (soccer) and cricket, which were both made popular by the United Kingdom due to their vast empire.

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Modern day American football is not a widespread sport due to the predominance of what Americans call Soccer. Real "football" FIFA type has such a huge head start on American football. Another reason is that FIFA football can be played and practiced by youths worldwide easily, as only the ball is necessary. American football, however, has expensive equipment, and requires a larger group of people to even practice as pure fun sport.

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Because it is to hot, so it is classified as a winter sport, just likr hockey etc.

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Q: Why is football not played in the summer?
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