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to make love better!

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Q: Why is flexibility important in soccer?
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Is flexibility important in soccer?

to make love better!

How important is flexibility in posture and sports?

flexibility in posture for sports is VERY VERY important. excpesialy when you are in gymnastics because to do all those flips and stuff you have to have good posture and a lot of flexibility. flexibility is also need for other sports such as soccer, cheer, football, softball, baseball, and basketball

What is the most important health related component of fitness in soccer?

flexibility cos dats wot park ji sung has

Is hip flexibility important for a hurdler?

yes, hip flexibility is extremely important for a hurdler.

Why is flexibility important for dance?

cuz flexibility helps u 2 dance

What are the benefits of having good flexibility if you are a soccer player?

Answerif you have good flexibilty in soccer you are less likely to injure yourself.

Fitness requirements for soccer?

Soccer is the most balanced team sport. Flexibility, stamina and strength are required in equal amounts.

Why is flexibility needed in soccer?

to be able to run and kick a ball and do there celebrationary dances :)

Why flexibility is important to achieve excellence in soccer?

Flexibility is important mainly to reduce the amount of injury over a players career. Inflexible players are often subject to strains, pulls, and tears which could possibly end a players career or at least lead to a lot of time spent on the bench and in rehab.

Why is it important to balance strength and flexibility exercises?

principle of progression, principle of specificity, and maintaining flexibility

Is soccer important?

Well that's an opinion but i think yes soccer is very important i love soccer.

Why is flexibility important?

flexibility is importent because it helps you from having joints or from not being able to work out when your older. flexibility must be done by everyone

Why is soccer such an important sport to Tanzania?


In what country is soccer most important?

Soccer is most important in Italy and Spain.

What skills are needed for soccer?


What fitness components do you need for soccer?

speed, indurance, flexibility, cardiovascular indurance + a few more :)

Why are your skeletal muscles important?

To enhance flexibility and mobility.

Why is flexibilty important?

Flexibility is important because it is basically any movement in the body. ;)

Why is soccer so important in France?

I think its important because soccer is like their life to them.

Why is soccer important to Brazil?

Yes soccer is important in Brazil, their most popular sport.

What are some sports that involve flexibility?

Basketball, Soccer, Football, Gymnastics, Swimming, Bicycling, Running, Baseball.

What are the exact measurements of a football field?

100 by 50 yards (if you mean soccer) but there is some flexibility in the rules.

Why is flexibility important in gymnastics?

It is important because u need it's to do it and strength but so it's important because they use it gymnastics is about flexibility just practice splits cartwheel handstand ect.

Why flexibility is important in gymnastic?

It is important because u need it's to do it and strength but so it's important because they use it gymnastics is about flexibility just practice splits cartwheel handstand ect.

Why the basics for soccer are important?

The basics are very important for soccer. Can't run before you can walk.