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Q: Why is dorian so enamored of sibyl vane?
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Use enamored in a sentence?

Many preteen girls are completely enamored with Justin Beber.Everyone is so enamored with my new baby brother, that they forget all about me.

Can you make me a sentence with vane in it?

"The actress was so vane, she didn't even know what her son looked like."

What songs are about wind direction?

Youre so Vane?

Why do you put things on the wind vane?

so it will look cool

Why wind vane is important?

so we can measure what direction the wind is going!

Is there a G-sharp in the A dorian scale?

No. The mode of A Dorian uses the same key signature as G major, so the only sharp note is F.

What does it mean if a wind vane is pointing north?

If the wind is from the north, the wind vane will point to the south. The wind vane is weighted so that the wind can swing it in the direction that it is going.

How can one come upon weather vane jeans?

They went out of business, so nowhere

What is another name for Wind Meter?

Anemometer measures the speed or velocity of the wind. a weather vane or wind vane more properly mererly gives the direction and this has to be corrected-Out of the South, so to speak.

Why does Romilda Vane like Harry Potter so much?

Because Romilda Vane thinks that Harry Potter is the "Chosen One". Hermione doesn't know if it true, but Harry thinks he is the Chosen One.

What is a wind vane made of?

A wind vane is a tool used to determine the direction the wind is blowing. Antique wind vanes were often made of copper. Copper is not an inexpensive metal so other metals were used such as steel.

Are an anemometer and wind vane global winds?

No. They are not winds at all, they are devices. A wind vane indicates wind direction and an anemometer measures wind speed. They only measure winds at a single point, so they are not measuring global winds.