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Sports help build discipline among the players.As they are to undergo rigirous training within a time frame, it helps them to perform their duties in a disciplied way.

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Q: Why is discipline so important in football?
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It is important to have financial discipline if you want to put your expenditure under check.

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goal keeper is considered as the important player in a football team. he is the only player who can use hand. he is the guardian of the team and a saver. that's why goalkeepers are important in football.

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It's a religion so yes

Why was the discipline important to early Romans?

the it supported them

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Discipline is the most important thing in the world it is not buy able

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Football players need to hydrate themselves so that they are physically able to continue to play the game.

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discipline is important

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How does strength help in Gaelic football?

Gaelic Football is a physical contact sport, so strength is important. Players have to move fast and get tackled hard, so they need strength.

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