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I dont know because its is a cool sport

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Q: Why is cricket the main sport in Jamaica?
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What is the most enjoyed sport in Jamaica?

The most enjoyed sports in Jamaica are Cricket and Football

What is the national sport in Jamaica?

Football is the nations most played sport. However as it has not declared one, Jamaica doesn't actually have a national sport

Which sport is very popular in Jamaica because of British influence?


Is India's main sport something to do with gymnastics?

India's main sport is cricket.

Glamorgan's main sport?


What sports do jamaicans play?

Mainly Track & Field, and Football (soccer) and cricket

What is the main sport of Jamaica?

As of recently, Usain Bolt and others have made track and field the most popular sport in Jamaica.

What sports do they play in Jamaica?

Jamaica's national sport is cricket, so obviously they play it frequently. Also, football (not American football) is extremely popular.

What is the main sport played in Africa?

The main sports are Rugby, soccer & cricket.

What was the main sport in 1975?

obviously its cricket now and ever

What is the national game of Guyana?

The main sport of Guyana is cricket.

Is cricket the main sport in Australia?

Yes. Cricket is Australia's unofficial national sport. However, other sports are rapidly becoming more popular.