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The british introduced it and Indians have taken to it in great numbers.

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Q: Why is cricket such a popular game in India?
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Why is cricket more popular than hockey in India?

Cricket is very popular in India. It is a entertaining game.

Which is the popular game in India?


Which is the most popular game in India?


How as the game of cricket introduced to India?

Cricket is a national game of the English and it was introduced to India during the time of the British Raj. Many of the British games (especially football) they have become popular around the world especially in the commonwealth. However, Cricket has become especially popular in Pakistan and India, two nations that can field world beating teams in the sport and have produced some global Cricket star athletes.

Will the hockey ever be accepted over cricket by Indians?

Hockey is the national game of India. But it has not become popular with Indians. When it becomes more popular and interesting it will be accepted over cricket.

How popular is Cricket in the world?

Who told you cricket is the most popular game? Most popular game is football and cricket ranks number 2.

Do people in India play cricket?

Yes. Cricket is the most popular sport in India.

Which countries have cricket as its national game?

india! HOCKY the national game of india, not cricket

Why in India cricket is more glamorized sport then its national game hockey?

Cricket in India is more popular than Hockey, because, Indian have always been better at cricket than their national sport, Hockey. Since India was once the best in the world at cricket, the Indians gave up their encouragement towards India for Hockey. Cricket is currently India's No. 1 sport! India was once the best at hockey, but, after years when cricket was discovered in India, Hockey was almost forgotten! But India is still known for Hockey and is great at it as well as cricket!

How cricket is more popular in the world?

Who told you cricket is the most popular game? Most popular game is football and cricket ranks number 2.

What are the most popular sports in India?

Popular sports of India?


What service is offered by CricketNext?

Cricketnext is a website for fans of cricket to get up to date information on the latest cricket game scores and upcoming matches. Cricket is a sport similar to U.S. baseball and it is extremely popular in India.

Why cricket is more popular than hockey in India?

cricket is fun,entertainment

What counrty is cricket most popular in?

In India.

What is India's most popular sport?

cricket is most popular sport

What is India's fav. game?


What is the most popular sports game cricket or tennis?


India's most popular sport?

Cricket by far!

Why is Cricket the most popular sport in India?

Because it is!

What is the least popular sport in India?

cricket :D

What popular sport in India introduced by the British?


What kind of games do childrens play in India?

Children in India play cricket and field hockey. Field hockey is more of an popular sport than cricket in India.

Why is cricket so popular now a days?

cricket is pooular because cricket is very old game and boys favorite game

How many people like football in India?

In India cricket is far more popular.